We believe our preschool programs offer PARENT EDUCATION as well as quality CHILD EDUCATION!  We encourage all parents/guardians to volunteer a minimum of twice a month. Not only will the time you spend with your child in school leave you with parenting tips and strategies, but your child will learn to truly value the importance of education.

If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, just let your child’s teacher know. You may complete the VOLUNTEER REQUEST FORM, the requirements listed on the cover sheet and return to your child’s teacher.


Teachers will provide PARENT MEETINGS 5-7 times each year. These meetings are designed to help parents deepen their parenting skills and extend the learning at home. We urge each parent or guardian to attend and take advantage of these mini-workshops by the experts!


We encourage all of our parents to attend our FALL and SPRING PARENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE luncheon/meetings. This is the perfect time for our parents to get an update of the current status of our preschool programs. It is also the perfect time for parents to ask questions, raise concerns, or provide suggestions on what would make our programs even better. Your child’s teacher will keep you informed of PAC meetings.


Please refer to the back of your child’s preschool application, or to your PARENT HANDBOOK for the description of Parent Rights and Responsibilities. It is important to know that you have the right to help maintain the quality of care provided by our programs and facilities.