Energy Management Program

Clovis Unified takes a pro-active approach to managing energy use at its schools and district facilities in order to be a good steward of both its financial resources and the local environment.

The District’s energy management staff has two primary goals:

  • Maintain comfort and safety in occupied facilities
  • Operate efficiently and effectively to eliminate energy waste and save energy operating dollars

During our renewable energy pyramidmany modernizations, the District has installed Energy Efficient Measures (ECM), which reduce energy use/consumption at all of our facilities. ECMs installed include gym lighting, pool VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), LED lighting, high efficiency boilers and HVAC equipment. The installed ECMs also qualified for Prop 39 funding ($3.3M received to date with an additional $5.5M pending for future ECMs) which enables the District to reduce its operating costs and improving health and safety conditions in our schools. CUSD uses less overall energy today than it did 10 years ago despite opening 4 new schools (Clovis North/Granite Ridge; Bud Rank Elementary; Oraze Elementary and Boris Elementary) which is quite an achievement considering over 1.3M square feet of conditioned space was added.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) selected Clovis Unified School District to be featured on their Energy Strategies blog. Click to access: CEC Energy Link

In 2013, the District purchased and installed Photo Voltaic (PV) solar arrays at 23 sites. These sites generate over 8M kWh (kilo Watt hours) worth of electricity which is enough to meet 20% of our annual needs. This production has helped offset our electrical costs by $1.8M per year. In 2017, the District entered into a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with SolarCity to install PV arrays at an additional 23 sites along with battery storage at the 5 high schools. This PPA arrangement will reduce the District’s energy budget by an additional $1M per year.

Efforts to support the Energy Management Program goals include:

Managing Comfort & Safety in Occupied Areas by:

  • Coordinating facility use with operation of lighting and HVAC equipment
  • Monitoring operational efficiency of equipment

Eliminating Energy Waste by:

  • Auditing every building monthly
  • Tracking and analyzing consumption for building efficiency
  • Maintaining the guidelines described in Governing Board Policy 5201 – Energy and Water Conservation Program
  • Pursuing third party accreditation of energy conservation through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Building Label for Clovis Unified facilities

Saving Energy Dollars By:

  • Minimizing consumption and demand charges throughout the District’s facilities
  • Evaluating usage trends for abnormalities
  • Maximizing the District’s use of rebate and grant programs to reduce utility expenses
  • Costs for the District’s Energy Management Program and staff are paid with money saved through energy reductions.

Because of the large energy demands of a school district the size of Clovis Unified, it is our financial and environmental responsibility to make every effort to reduce our energy footprint. We would also like the invite the community to help us conserve our natural resources. If you see an area in which Clovis Unified could improve its energy conservation efforts, please share your ideas with us by emailing the Energy Management Coordinator Stuart Ogren. Thank you for your help.
Energy Use Breakdown Chart historical annual energy costs


Clovis Unified Energy Management Staff

Stuart Ogren
Coordinator, Energy Management
Gary Foster
Building Automation System (BAS) Analyst II
Eric Colvin
Building Automation System (BAS) Analyst I