Emotional wellness resources available at every school

Wellness PhotoFamilies are encouraged to reach out to your neighborhood school if you know of a young person experiencing emotional difficulties. Trained school staff will act immediately to offer hope, encouragement and support.

A national suicide prevention hotline is also available at 1-888-506-5991 and can act as a resource 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some of the support systems available at your local school include:

  • School psychologists, counselors and nurses available through every school site. These trained professionals are available for all students through self-, peer-, staff-, or parent-referral.
  • Adult-led social skills groups led by trained staff exist around a number of social-emotional issues including loss and grief, eating disorders, suicide prevention and living with divorce.
  • Peer counselors are also available to support students who are experiencing social or life stressors.
  • Ninth grade students receive curriculum around social-emotional wellness in health classes.
  • Staff may refer students who are exhibiting signs that they are struggling emotionally for further psychological evaluation by outside mental health services. This is often done in collaboration with a student’s family.
  • Special guest speakers are regularly featured at school around issues of self-respect and respect to others, suicide and substance abuse and other social-emotional topics.

Contact your local school for more information.

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