Employee Assistance Program

Assisting you with Stress Management, Emotional Issues, Grief/Loss, Legal Assistance, Financial Guidance, Elder Care, Child Care and Substance Abuse.

Clovis Unified School District has contracted with Avante Behavioral Health Plan (ABHP) to provide its Employee Assistance Program to all CUSD employees and their family members.

Avante Behavioral Health Plan
Avante Behavioral Health Plan (ABHP) is a Fresno-based behavioral health plan offering Employee Assistance Programs, mental health and substance abuse services. ABHP understands the needs of employees and family members that face stresses on a daily basis, large or seemingly small. ABHP provides services for individuals that may need temporary assistance in dealing with certain stressors.

Purpose of the Employee Assistance Program
An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help employees and their families identity, assess and resolve issues that may be affecting their personal life and/or their job performance. The EAP is available to the employee and/or anyone in the employee’s immediate family who is living in the employee’s home. The program allows for up to three individual counseling sessions per six months at no cost to the employee. The EAP also offers wellness education seminars that are designed to target specific problems or issues.

Counseling Services (4 sessions per person, per issue, every six months)
The Employee Assistance program provides immediate, short-term assistance for employees and their family members facing a variety of issues. ABHP is here to support you through the emotional crisis and stressors to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Work/Life Services
In addition to EAP counseling services, Avante Behavioral Health provides both employers and members with other valuable resources.

Legal/Financial Services
(One 30-minute consultation per separate matter. Additional legal or financial services provided at a 25% discount from usual hourly rates)
For legal or financial advice or assistance, ABHP offers employees and family members 30-minute consultations per separate matter and discounts off of additional services thereafter. ABHP’s Website also features a variety of resources including legal forms, financial calculators, and topical articles.

Other Services
ABHP also has a wealth of information on its website, or accessible by phone. Other information and resources available include guides to choosing child and elder care and directories of local agencies and support groups.

Accessing EAP Services
To access services, simply call ABHP when you or a family member need services. An ABHP clinician will conduct a brief interview via telephone to determine which services are needed and in the case of counseling services, make a referral to an appropriate clinician. Counseling appointments are arranged within one to five days, depending on the nature and urgency of the request.

Avante Behavioral Health
Local: 559-261-9053
Toll-free: 800-498-9055
Email: info@avantebehavioral.com
Web: www.avantehealth.com

Login for Patient Web page: cusd
Password: avante

All services provided by ABHP are strictly confidential.

Any employee of CUSD and his/her household members are eligible to receive care.

ABHP has more than 280 clinicians throughout the Central Valley, so members will have access to a clinician close to their home or office. ABHP’s large provider network features specialists trained to deal with specific issues from death, divorce, abuse, sexual orientation and many other factors that can affect a person’s well-being. Offering such an extensive network of mental health clinicians ensures that care is convenient and effective.

Questions, Comments and Concerns
ABHP strives to provide the best services possible to all of our employers, their employees and the
employees’ family members. If you have a question, comment or concern regarding ABHP’s Employee
Assistance Program, please do not hesitate to contact:

Avante Behavioral Health Plan (ABHP)
1111 E. Herndon Ave., Suite 308
Fresno, CA 93720

Phone: 559-261-9053
Toll-free: 800-498-9055
Fax: 559-261-9073
Web: www.avantehealth.com