Tele-Doctor Services

An Ethnic female doctor is indoors in a hospital room. She is wearing medical clothing and a stethoscope. She is checking the heart rate of a girl of African descentNow you can talk to a doctor 24/7/365

(855) WELLVIA  / (855) 935-5842

WellVia for miCare Health Center gives you access to a U.S. board-certified doctor over the phone anytime, anywhere. Some 70% of all doctor visits can be handled over the phone, and 40% of urgent care visits can be managed using Telehealth.

Use WellVia For Common Conditions Get Medications Prescribed
Sinus Infection
Sore Throat
Ear Aches
Pink Eye
Z Pak
Bactrim DS
Tessalon Perles


WellVia doesn’t replace your primary care physician. It is a convenient, alternative way for you to get the care you need that will save you time and money. Whether it’s the middle of the night, while you’re on vacation, on a business trip, or that moment when you’ve run out of a prescription, WellVia is on call.

Speak with a doctor anytime and pay no consultation fee.

Patient Care Center: (855) WELLVIA


*Disclaimer. All rights to WellVia and WellVia’s logo are trademarked and reserved to Wellspring Telehealth, LLC and may not be used without prior consent. WellVia services are non-emergency conditions only. For medical emergency, please dial 911. WellVia plans are not replacement for primary care physician and are not considered insurance or a Qualified Health Plan under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Prior to speaking with one of our network physicians, the member must complete a Medical History Questionnaire with WellVia. All consultations are subject to discretion of the attending physician and their clinical judgment in accordance with law limitations. Diagnostic consultations are subject to federal and state regulation and may not be available in your state. For updates and to receive further information, please visit

Trust Our Physician Network

  • U.S. based and licensed Primary Care, Pediatricians and Board-Certified Specialists
  • Average 10 Years of Experience
  • Supported by internal, bilingual Patient Care Center
  • Specialists in communicating and diagnosing via Telehealth

(855) 935-5842