Service for all CUSD Bundles is available at the Intermediate School Sites where they can fix most connectivity and software issues. If there is a problem requiring a hardware warranty repair or physical damage, the computer must be taken to the CUSD Technology Service Center at 1670 David E. Cook Way.

STEP #1:
If a student is experiencing problems we recommend the “Ask three, then me.” The idea is that many times their friends are a great resource, so before they go to a teacher or parent, have them ask three other laptop students.

STEP #2:
Let your teacher know about the problem and they will let the student know about the process at their specific school. It will likely involve leaving the machine for an onsite technician to look at it.

STEP #3:
Once it is determined that the problem is not software related, the Laptop is given back to the student and you will need to transport the laptop to the CUSD Technology Repair Center on David E. Cook Way.

Please be sure to always backup your files to Google Drive, Office 365, Memory Key, CD Drive or Backup Website – the technicians will NOT save your data!!! In most cases the computer’s Hard Drive will be ERASED during the re-image process and the working computer will be returned in its original state with only the software included in the bundle.