Open Enrollment, Interdistrict and Intradistrict Transfer Policies


Clovis Unified School District recognizes that students and families have unique needs deserving special consideration. Therefore, procedures have been established providing for the attendance needs of students and families, which supersede the school selection determined by the residence of the student.

To apply for a transfer, print the appropriate Exhibit form and once completed, turn it into your neighborhood school or the SSSA office.


For additional information, consult the following Board Policies, Administrative Regulations and Exhibits (which include the transfer application):

2202 – Student Residence (includes enrollment using place of work)

2208 – Open Enrollment within the District

2209 – Intradistrict Transfers During the School Year (within the District)

2210 – Interdistrict Transfers (District of Choice)

You may look up all board policies here