In the Clovis Unified School District, we strive to educate the whole child in “Mind, Body, and Spirit”.  Daily physical education instruction and multiple co-curricular athletic offerings starting at the fourth grade help students maximize their potential in “Body.” As educators, we value the importance of healthy activity levels and understand the positive effect regular physical exercise has both inside and outside of the classroom.  Our hope is that by providing students with structured activities in physical education throughout their Kindergarten – grade 12 experience they will grow into adults who see the importance of a lifetime habit of physical fitness.

Governing Board Policies No. 3207 (Physical Education) and 3209 (Graduation Requirements – High School) further explain the Clovis Unified physical education program.

Education Code Section 51210 (elementary minutes requirement); Education Code Section 51222 (secondary minutes requirement); and Education Code Section 51225.3 (a)(1)(F) (high school graduation requirement) address the area of physical education in California’s schools. These sections require that locally adopted courses of study at the elementary and secondary levels include physical education; specify the minimum amount of physical education minutes to be provided to students; and describe the two-course high school physical education graduation requirement.

The physical education minutes required by California are:

  • Elementary grades 1-6, minimum of 200 minutes each ten days
  • Secondary grades 7-12, minimum of 400 minutes each ten days
  • Elementary school districts grades 1-8, minimum of 200 minutes each ten days

The intent of these Education Code sections is to have daily physical education available in all grade levels and the equivalent of two years of physical education required for high school.  In Clovis Unified, we exceed these expectations by requiring four years of high school physical education before graduation.

If you should have any questions or concerns with the District’s delivery of physical education at the elementary level use the forms below.