• Josh smith

    I cant believe that your district employs anyone who would assault a 78 year old woman. Thank god that wasn’t my family member or I would be in jail. Its despicable that this was allowed to happen and then “justfied” by saying she was resisting. When will this tyranny be opposed and squashed out like the disease it is.

  • Linda Beckett

    I would like to say “thank you” for enforcing your dress code. ACLU and parents who are condemning this code, which has been in effect for many, many years, are teaching their children that rules do not have to be followed. To say that when the youth of today has no way of expressing themselves that suicide is just around the corner, is just ignorance. School is for learning and if Jeffrey wants to wear a dress, then when he gets home he can change. I know many parents who agree with this dress code. Kudos to CUSD! Stand YOUR ground. This is what is wrong with our youth today.

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