Please note change of location for next CAC meeting: March 15th, 2017 to Pinedale Elementary School Library, 7171 N. Sugar Pine, Pinedale,  11:30 – 1:00.  Site visit to Special Day Classes.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) exists to support families of special education students in Clovis Unified. Through regular attendance as a committee member the CAC can give you knowledge and skills necessary to become more comfortable in the role as partner in the educational process for your child. The CAC serves as a way to share knowledge and help develop the best possible programs for our students.

CAC makes information available to the community and CUSD through speakers, printed materials and participation on district committees. The monthly meetings provide a forum for the community to express concerns, interests, and priorities to CUSD and for CUSD to inform the community of program direction, legislation and funding matters.

The CAC reviews district policies and programs. It also assists in the review conducted by the State Department of Education once every three years.

The CAC committee also sponsors the Exceptional Person Awards which recognize individuals in the Clovis Unified District and community who have worked hard to teach, support and encourage students with special needs. See the CAC calendar for dates when the next round of applications will be taken and the upcoming awards ceremony.

CAC also holds the annual Student Voices evening. This interesting and heartfelt event is an opportunity for CUSD students who have an IEP to share thier experiences in high school. These students talk about thier highs and lows and also give advice to incoming Freshman. See the CAC calendar of meetings and events for the next Student Voices.



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