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Updated: March 11, 2022

Schedule & Instruction

Q. Is there an online option for students in Clovis Unified? 

A. Families wanting to remain in an online learning model must disenroll from their current school and enroll in Clovis Online School. Visit the Clovis Online School website for more information and for FAQs about transferring to Clovis Online School.  There is no online option at any of our comprehensive schools. Parents/Guardians of students with disabilities who choose an option that varies from their child’s IEP may be required to participate in an IEP team meeting to determine appropriateness.

Q. What if my child is out of school for multiple days? 

A. Clovis Unified offers both a short-term and long-term Independent Study program at Enterprise School and site-based Independent Study from school sites. If a student is on Independent Study contract through their school site for more than 14 days of the year, daily time with a credentialed online teacher is offered to maintain continuity of learning in addition to classroom created curriculum and resources. Contact your school for more details.


Q. Will teachers continue to utilize online platforms and Google classroom with students for in-person learning along with instructional resources they used in the classroom prior to the pandemic?

A. Teachers are equipped with all of the same educational technology tools and resources they’ve had to use during the pandemic and many of these same resources remain in use to support in-person instruction into the future.


Q. Does the district have plans to help transition students back from online learning (CUSD Connect, Flexible Online or Clovis Online School) to their home school?

A. Recognizing the lasting impact of the pandemic on our students, our teachers and school leaders have implemented a number of resources to assess and support the individual needs of students as we transition back to a full in person model.  Emotional wellness resources and personnel, and academic intervention are a critical and immediate element of our return to traditional school schedules. Contact your child's school with additional questions.


Q. Is Campus Club open to the community? What is the payment structure? 

A. Campus Club for the 2021-22 school year is available in a 5-days-a-week, traditional model, open to the public. Information about fees and registration for the 2021-22 school year is available at the Campus Club page.


Q. Are ASES programs and Preschool being offered?

A. Both ASES and Clovis Unified’s preschool programs are being offered using a traditional, pre-COVID schedule. Preschool registration information is at the District’s Child Development Department and their web page. Information regarding ASES can be found at your home school and the ASES web page.


Q. Are instructional models consistent across schools?

A. All comprehensive schools in the district have similar, full five-day-a-week schedules for the new school year. This was not the case in 2020-21 because of the widely different needs of unique school communities when schools first opened or developed schedules last fall. Because individual sites were allowed to develop plans that maximized in-person options for their unique community, these unique plans sometimes resulted in differing hybrid schedules.

Health & Safety Guidelines

Q. What are the current quarantine and isolation guidelines?

A. The following is effective in Clovis Unified as of February 17, 2022.  

  • Following a positive COVID-19 test, individuals must isolate at home for 5 days rather than the previously required 10-day period. A student or staff member may leave isolation and return to school or work on day 6 so long as all of the following conditions are met:

    • Symptoms are resolved or resolving, and the person has been without a fever for at least 24 hours. If symptoms are not resolved or resolving, and/or fever has been present within 24 hours, an individual must continue to isolate until day 10 or symptoms are resolved/resolving and/or fever-free for 24 hours.

    • A negative test must be obtained on day 5 or later. A medically verified negative test must be obtained and provided to the school nurse in order for a student to return prior to day 11 following a positive COVID test or, if not tested, the onset of COVID-related symptoms.

  • Symptom-free individuals after a close contact exposure may remain at school or work.

  • Siblings of a person exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (but one who does not have a positive COVID test) can continue to attend school and activities, and monitor for symptoms. If symptoms develop and/or a positive COVID test occurs, then the individual would follow the appropriate isolation/quarantine procedures.

These changes reflect current guidance and requirements from the California Department of Public Health, Cal/OSHA, and the Centers for Disease Control.  You can learn more about these updates from CDPH at, and about Clovis Unified’s health and safety procedures at

Q. Are parents, visitors or volunteers allowed on campus? Can parents walk students to or pick-up students from class?

A.  Specific details and requirements for visitors are available from your child's school site. 

Q. What are the restrictions on volunteering in my child’s classroom? Do I have to be vaccinated?

A. Volunteers are allowed on campuses this year in a limited capacity provided the current health and safety guidelines are followed. As of October 15, 2021, the CDPH requires public, private and charter schools to verify employees' COVID-19 vaccine status, and require weekly COVID-19 testing for any unvaccinated or partially vaccinated employees. This order applies to all school employees, and also applies to volunteers. Specific details, requirements and processes for volunteers are available from your child’s school site.

Q. How does lunch-time work?

A. Clovis Unified has received a waiver that allows all students to continue to receive no-cost breakfast and lunch at school during the 2021-22 school year. Students use their school cafeteria for meals and meal schedules are based on physical distancing requirements. Intermediate and high school students must have their ID card to receive a no-cost breakfast or lunch. A la carte items may be available for purchase at secondary schools. Visit Parent Connection to add funds to your student's account.

Q. Can my child bring their own lunch box to school or does it need to be in a disposable bag?

A. Yes, children may bring their own lunch box.

Q. Are the same symptom rules in place for quarantine and contact tracing requirements?

A. Quarantine and contact tracing guidance has been updated as greater access to vaccination has become available. Visit the Health & Quarantine Guidelines page for more information.

Q. Is rapid COVID testing available through the district?

A. Rapid COVID testing is available for all students and staff after day 5 of a positive test to return to campus prior to day 11. Specific details are available from your child's school site.

Q. What happens if we have another spike in cases? Since schools will not be doing any distance learning is there a plan in place for a new government shut down of schools?

A. In recent announcements, CDPH has emphasized the importance of in-person learning and taken steps to support schools in remaining open for on-site instruction. Improving COVID vaccination rates and treatments for the virus help protect against future shutdowns, but there is no certain guarantee against future requirements for schools. As a result, Clovis Unified will remain prepared to use an online instructional model currently in place in case a classroom or school must close due to positive COVID cases during the current school year.

Q. Are vaccines required for students or staff? 

A: On Oct. 1, 2021, the Governor announced that under his emergency services powers he has issued a vaccination mandate for all public school students ages 12-17 and removed the testing option for educational employees who have chosen not to be vaccinated. The mandate for students will be effective the term following when the COVID-19 vaccine is fully approved by the FDA, and the end to employees’ option to test rather than be vaccinated will also end at that time. We will continue to monitor the Governor’s mandate and provide updates as they become available.

Q: How does the recent FDA Emergency Authorization of COVID-19 vaccination for children 5-11 years old affect my Clovis Unified experience?

A: COVID-19 vaccinations are not currently required for children attending Clovis Unified schools. The recent Oct. 29 FDA approval of the Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, nor the May 10 FDA approval of Emergency Use Authorization of the vaccine for kids 12 to 15, do not trigger Governor Newsom’s directive that California students be vaccinated.

In October, the Governor announced that sometime after the FDA gives Full Approval (and not Emergency Use approval) of the COVID-19 vaccination for children, that vaccination requirements for California students will be “phased-in by grade spans, grades K-6 and grades 7-12.” (See our news article here for more details on the Governor’s October announcement.) The dates of the FDA providing full approval or the implementation of the Governor’s mandate have not yet been announced by their offices.

The California Department of Public Health is currently developing the regulation directed by the Governor, a draft of which has not yet been released for the required public comment period.  

Q: In light of the FDA authorizing COVID-19 vaccination for 5-11 year olds, is Clovis Unified conducting vaccinations on school campuses?

A: No. The district does not have plans to offer vaccinations at our school sites outside of voluntary family clinics hosted during non-school hours by community-based groups, similar to those that have been offered in the past.

Q: Does the emergency permission form parents sign for schools to treat their student in an emergency mean schools can give students the vaccination?

A: No. The emergency permission for a school to treat a student in an emergency does not apply to COVID-19 vaccination.

Q: My child is 16, and the FDA has given Full Authorization for vaccination for ages 16 and above. Is my child now required to be vaccinated in order to attend school?

A: No, not at this time. The Governor’s vaccination and education plan says that the state’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement will become effective only after full authorization is approved for kids, and that COVID-19 requirements will be phased-in by grade spans of grades K-6 and grades 7-12. Those dates are currently unknown. At this point, the Governor has indicated new COVID-19 vaccination requirements for students would not take effect in the middle of a school term (semester/quarter).

Q: Can I get my child vaccinated for COVID-19 now that the FDA has given Emergency Use Authorization for kids ages 5-15?

A: All children ages 5 and up are now eligible for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Free vaccinations for children are being offered in the community, and parents are encouraged to discuss this with their child’s healthcare provider. Information is also available through the California Department of Public Health at or to find a clinic or schedule an appointment visit:

Q: How can I find out more about the FDA’s recent Emergency Use Authorization for kids?

A: Visit: 

Q. Can students be assigned classes based on their and/or their parents’ vaccination status? Can parents request their child be placed in a vaccinated teacher’s class?

A. No. Currently, there is no plan to accommodate requests based on vaccination status.

Q. What are the safety protocols for bus riders?

A. Clovis Unified buses operate home-to-school routes for all students qualifying for district transportation. On the bus, students can expect enhanced ventilation and sanitizing. As of March 11, 2022, masks are no longer required on school buses in California.

Q. Are devices available to use/required daily? Do those devices need to be shared?

A. Schools have devices available for student use as was the case prior to COVID. When supplies or devices need to be shared among students, hand washing is enforced as well as sanitizing of shared supplies. Students may also bring their own device to school when it is needed for classroom instruction.

Q. Are desks sanitized between class periods for students who attend intermediate or high schools?

A. Teachers have access to cleaning supplies for high touch surfaces within their classroom. In addition, high-touch surfaces on the campus are cleaned 3 times per day. Campus wide disinfection using electrostatic sprayers happens daily.

Q. I have questions about the COVID-19 Dashboard. Where can I get more information?

A. Please see the FAQs at the bottom of the COVID-19 Dashboard page.

Special Education

Q. How are Special Education programs impacted during the 2021-22 school year?
A. Clovis Unified’s Special Education programs are being offered in-person, on-campus in a full, five-day-a-week setting.

Q. Does my child have to wear a face-covering/mask?
A. Please see the Mask section of this FAQ for more information.

Q. What if we want to stay online?  
A. In the 2021-2022 school year, Clovis Unified has returned to in-person, on-campus, five-day-a-week instruction and is no longer operating the distance learning program that was set up due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For families who may want the option of online programming, Clovis Unified does operate an online, independent studies charter school, Clovis Online School, for grades kindergarten through 12th grade.  However, because such a change would constitute a change in placement and because under California law a student with an IEP can only participate in independent studies if the student’s IEP team determines it to be appropriate, any change of a student’s placement to Clovis Online Charter School must be done through a student’s IEP team.  Families wanting information regarding the Clovis Online School should visit the Clovis Online School website for information and FAQs about transferring to that school. Students who attend Clovis Online School will no longer be enrolled in their current school.

Clovis Unified also offers both a short-term and long-term Independent Study program at Enterprise School and site-based Independent Study from the school sites. Contact your school site for more details.

Quarantine Guidelines

Q. What if my child’s COVID-like symptoms are related to another underlying medical condition?

A. If a medical provider determines that symptoms are related to another pre-existing or alternative-named diagnosis, a student may return to school after providing medical documentation to the school nurse. If the symptom onset is new, a student would be sent home until medical verification is received by the school nurse. If on-going, a student with a verified medical condition on file may continue to attend class. 

Q. If my student is exposed to COVID-19, are they required to quarantine? 

A. No. If any individual presents with symptom(s) or receives a positive COVID-19 test, however, he/she would need to have resolved or resolving symptoms, be fever-free for 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication) and have a negative COVID test after Day 5, or isolate for 10 days, before he/she may return to school. If a medical provider determines that symptoms are related to another pre-existing or alternative-named diagnosis, a student may return to school after providing medical documentation to the school nurse.

Q. If a student is in isolation/quarantine, will they be considered absent or is it an excused absence?

A. If a student is required to quarantine as a result of a positive COVID-19 test, they will be marked with an excused absence and offered Independent Study work. As health and safety guidelines change, we will keep parents notified.

Q. How does instruction look for a student if they must miss school due to quarantine or isolation?

A. Our pre-COVID Independent Study process will be in place to support any student who must miss class(es) because of a required quarantine or isolation period. If a student is on an Independent Study contract through their school site for more than 14 days of the year, daily time with a credentialed online teacher is offered to maintain continuity of learning in addition to classroom-created curriculum and resources. Contact your school for more details.

Q. If a family member is ill at home, must a child remain at home or can they attend school?

A. If a family member at home has COVID-19 symptoms but has not tested positive, other children in the household should continue to be monitored for symptoms, and may continue to attend school and school activities, as long as they remain without symptoms and/or do not test positive for COVID-19. If any student becomes symptomatic or tests positive, they must isolate at home.

See full guidelines and instructions here.

Q. If my child wakes up and is not feeling well before school, what should I do?

A. Whether or not your child is vaccinated, the following should be done:

  • Has COVID Symptoms -- If your child has a COVID symptom (click here to see symptom list) your child should stay home and the absence should be reported. This is Day 0 of a possible 5- or 10-day quarantine. Your child can return to school sooner (1) with a negative COVID test and when symptom-free for 24 hours; or (2) with a note from a healthcare provider stating the symptom(s) are not COVID-related; or 3) after 10 days of home quarantine and symptom-free for 24 hours. Please see below for more information on testing options.

  • Does NOT have COVID Symptoms -- If your child does not have COVID symptoms as listed, but is unwell and stays home, the absence should be reported. Your child may return to school when they have been symptom-free for 24 hours.

Q. How do I get my child tested for COVID-19?

A. For an initial COVID-19 diagnosis, you may take your child to be tested at one of the locations listed on the FCDPH website here

To support families of students needing a negative COVID-19 test to return to school after isolation following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Clovis Unified campuses are offering no-cost testing options. Please contact your student’s school for details about the testing process, times and available locations.
Please note the following about Clovis Unified’s COVID-19 testing:
  • No cost testing is provided for students and staff in need of a verified negative COVID-19 test to return to campus after isolation. 
  • This testing is not for initial COVID-19 diagnosis, it is only for those individuals who have already tested positive for COVID-19 and are seeking to return to school after Day 5 of isolation. 
  • Testing will be offered for those who are on Day 6 of required isolation who need a negative test to return to school. This will allow students who test negative to immediately rejoin their classroom.
  • Parents must be present to administer the rapid test to their child(ren).  A signed parental consent is required for secondary students who want to self-administer their COVID-19 test. (Print waiver available here.)
  • Parents may provide their own testing kit, or a no-cost COVID-19 antigen test will be provided by district personnel. Testing that occurs at a district site is a verified test for the purpose of returning to school and school activities. 
For details about the testing process, times and available locations for your child’s school, please contact your child’s school.

Q. If one of my children is experiencing symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 but has not yet been confirmed with a test, do my other children need to stay home as well?

A. No. Close contacts (including household members) of a symptomatic individual should continue to be monitored for symptoms, and may continue to attend school and school activities. As long as your household members remain without symptoms and do not, themselves, test positive for COVID-19, they can continue to attend school. If a child becomes symptomatic or tests positive, they must remain home. See full guidelines and instructions here.

Q. Do you begin counting days from the day of symptom onset or from the date of a positive test?

A. A student can return with a negative test taken on Day 5 or later from the date of symptom onset if symptomatic, or the date of the positive test if asymptomatic. If a student does not test negative or chooses not to test, they may return after isolating for 10 days from the time of symptom onset.

Q. Do students have to have a PCR test to return after a positive COVID-19 diagnosis?

A. No. A medically-verified antigen or rapid-test is acceptable.

Q. Will we be notified if there is a positive COVID case on our child’s school site?

A. The Clovis Unified COVID-19 dashboard provides the community with a daily reporting tool that reflects confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 reported to a school or support department of the District by a student or staff over a three-month period. Included in this dashboard are confirmed positive cases reported by students onsite for in-person instruction, intervention, or co-curricular programs; and staff members working onsite in any facility of the District, even if a case was contracted elsewhere. It can be found here.

Athletics, Co-Curricular Activities & Events

Q. Are athletics and co-curricular activities being offered?
A. Yes, athletics and co-curricular activities are being offered at comprehensive schools and are following traditional schedules. Health and safety protocols are being followed according to local health and safety guidelines.

Q. Can students opt out of band/choir if they are uncomfortable with it being indoors? 
A. Band and choir are optional electives and not required of students. Students who enroll in choir or band would be required to participate in their class.

Q. Can parents attend school events?
A. Parents may attend events, but each event may have restrictions based on its nature. Check with your school on specific events.

Q. Is there any guidance or recommendations on when it's safe for students to return to physical activity after COVID-19?
A. The California Department of Education has shared some recommendations on their website. A link to that page can be found on our Health & Quarantine Guidelines page here.


Q. Are students and staff required to wear masks during the 2021-22 school year? 

A. As of March 12, 2022, masks are no longer in California's public schools. Masks are optional, but strongly recommended by the California Department of Public Health.

Q. When masks are no longer required, can my child still wear one if I want them to?

A. Yes, students wishing to continue to wear a mask after March 11 when it is no longer required may do so.

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