2023 Goal 2-Operate with Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Action 1-Custodial and Grounds Services

Custodial and grounds services to ensure schools are clean and well-kept environments that maximize student learning.

Allocated Funds: $7,066,490.00

Action 2-Maintenance and Repair of School Facilities

Maintenance and repair of school facilities to ensure quality learning environments for students.

Allocated Funds: $17,952,720.00

Action 3-Student Health Center

Clovis Unified will provide a comprehensive health center staffed by a nurse practitioner and a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), who provide increased access to medical care. 

Allocated Funds: $530,435.00
Resource:  0619

Action 4-Aligned Instructional Materials and Supplies

Clovis Unified will provide aligned instructional materials and supplies.  

Allocated Funds: $4,504,216.00
Resource:  0621

Action 5-Supplemental Resources

Clovis Unified will provide supplemental resources and progress monitoring tools to ensure identified students have access to rigorous standards-aligned curriculum.

Allocated Funds: $1,073,680.00
Resource:  0621 / 6300

Action 6-Oral and Written Translation Services

A review of survey data determined that parents of EL students are often not fully engaged in the educational process. To improve family engagement and access to information CUSD will provide additional parent/guardian oral and written translation services above and beyond what is required by Education Code. 

Allocated Funds: $15,965.00
Resource:  0602

Action 7-Increased Access to Technology

Clovis Unified will ensure unduplicated students have adequate access to technology. Students will be provided computers, hotspots, and programs for access to curriculum and learning. During distance learning in 2020, CUSD learned that many students did not have access to technology. Clovis Unified distributed 21,054 laptops and 4,180 hotspots to students. Local data supports that the technology need is greater in schools with higher unduplicated student counts. Providing access to technology will help close the achievement gap by providing students ready access to additional instructional resources and increase opportunities for targeted learning. 

Allocated Funds: $1,050,000.00
Resource:  0620

Action 8-VAPA Equipment

Clovis Unified will provide adequate access to technology for LI, FY, and LI students. We expect that through VAPA, foster youth and low-income students will increase their sense of school connectedness, thus reducing chronic absenteeism for these student groups. 

Allocated funds: $331,000.00
Resource:  0615

Action 9-Increase Connection Points to School

Clovis Unified will provide increase connection points to school that enhance student engagement by reducing or eliminating student attendance charges at school events for foster youth, homeless, low-income, and English learners.

Allocated Funds: $570,000.00
Resource:  0655

Action 10-Transition Team Student Relations Liaisons

Clovis Unified will provide Student Relation Liaisons (SRLs) and Instructional Assistants (IAs) assigned to each of the high school area transition teams. 

Allocated Funds: $2,527,672.00
Resource:  0607

Action 11-Transition Directors

Clovis Unified will provide Transition Directors assigned to high school area transition teams to support low-income, foster youth, homeless and English learners as they matriculate between grade spans. 

Allocated funds: $1,128,222.00
Resource:  0655

Action 12-Transition Counselors

Clovis Unified will provide Transition Counselors who will ensure students are connected to the correct classes, academic interventions, and resources.

Allocated funds: $2,033,421.00
Resource:  0609

Action 13-Transition Learning Directors

Clovis Unified will provide one transition learning director for each comprehensive secondary site to oversee deployment of personnel and programs intended to improve school connectedness and student achievement.

Allocated funds: $1,252,248.00
Resource:  0608

Action 14-Professional Development for Diversity

Clovis Unified will provide an administrator to support equitable and engaging classrooms and assist in planning and providing student success conferences, which are conferences geared towards the needs of diverse students.

Allocated Funds: $549,821.00
Resource:  0628

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