2023 Goal 3-Hire, Develop Sustain, and Value a High-Quality, Diverse Workforce

Action 1-On-going Operating Costs

On-going operating costs to maintain existing programs and services to students such as operational expenses; instructional supplies; Adult Education; utility costs; transportation services; custodial services; Induction; teachers; administration; clerical support; salaries, statutory and benefits; existing intervention services and co- curricular programs.

Allocated Base Funds: $
Allocated Supplemental Funds: $

Action 2-Content Standards and AVID Professional Development

Clovis Unified will provide teacher coaches, a counselor, and professional development specific to the implementation of California’s content standards and AVID strategies to train highly qualified teachers, and develop new curricular units and assessments aligned to standards to ensure all students achieve at high levels. Providing support for professional development around implementation of California’s content standards will support increased achievement in Math and ELA by providing alignment of the written, taught, and tested curriculum. 

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Why the Goal Was Developed

This broad goal was designed to build actions that lead to a high-quality workforce. This goal is well-aligned to our district’s founding mantra that it is “People, Not Programs” that make the most difference in the lives of our students and it is people that will help students achieve their maximum potential. Goal 3 supports both Goal 2 and Goal 1. Without a quality workforce, we couldn’t maximize student achievement and we couldn’t operate with efficiency and effectiveness. This goal is written to ensure that we hire, develop and maintain diverse staff and embed our system with high-quality professional development to continue to build capacity in our people. In Clovis Unified, we value the whole child and know that it takes a village to support the myriad of issues that our schools face today. Not only are our classrooms centered on well-aligned curriculum and quality instruction, but staffs work tirelessly to ensure that students have the social-emotional aspects supported and that they are entrenched in a culturally diverse and rich environment. For this goal, we measure our teacher assignments, ensuring that credentialed teachers are in place and adequately certified. We measure our professional development, using our systems to train 100% of our teachers in professional development throughout the year. We also consider our classrooms and measure the implementation of our standards across our district classrooms, guaranteeing that our students all are being taught with state-approved curriculum, aligned to state standards. Actions within this goal include all general operating costs. This goal also includes an action for learning directors to oversee programs at the school site and support professional learning across the district. An important action is funding for our district’s professional development, supporting all teachers in teaching the standards, assisting with social-emotional learning, and providing a culturally rich environment for our diverse student population. 

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