Accreditation Program Review

1.1 Program Description

Empowering teachers to excel professionally so that all students can realize their full potential.

The Clovis Unified Induction Program is a two-year, job-embedded professional development system. Participating Teachers are assigned a Mentor to ensure that individualized support and professional learning is offered. Participating Teachers actively engage with students while researching best practices related to Individualized Learning Plan Goals (ILP). Program assessment tools are also utilized to analyze personal strengths and professional growth areas. Through an inquiry process, Participating Teachers implement new strategies and learnings coupled with assessment of student learning and analyzation of achievement results. Participating Teacher self-reflections based upon professional practices is a vital component embedded throughout the program. Mentors provide weekly “just-in-time” support tailored to meet the Participating Teacher’s specific needs. The overarching goal is to ultimately improve instructional practice and student achievement.

Most participants begin the CUSD Induction Program in the first year of teaching. However, the program also serves teachers who have had prior teaching experience. Those teachers may apply for the Early Completion Option (ECO) and, if approved, may complete the CUSD Induction Program in one year.

Clovis Unified may hire teachers after the start of the school year. As the Induction Program Leaders receive notification from Human Resources, the new hire is contacted and interviewed. A Professional History and Induction Eligibility (PHIE) form is completed to determine program eligibility. The newly enrolled teacher attends an orientation and signs the Notification of Participation. An appropriate Mentor is then assigned to begin support.

Participating Teachers continue to develop skills learned during teacher preparation programs and meet contemporary conditions encountered in today’s classrooms. The CUSD Induction Program informs Participating Teachers and Mentors of professional development opportunities sponsored by the Induction Program and the district. This creates an individualized induction experience relevant to each participant’s specific needs.

Required Exhibit

Credential Program

Delivery Model



Program Enrollment 2016-17

 Program Enrollment 2017-18

General Education Induction ProgramFace to faceClovis Unified School DistrictTraditional – 2 Years
Early Completion – 1 year



Education Specialist Induction ProgramFace to faceClovis Unified School DistrictTraditional – 2 Years
Early Completion – 1 year




2. Organizational Structure

The CUSD Induction Program Leaders identify and assign a Mentor to each Participating Teacher within the first 30 days of the participant’s enrollment in the program. Mentors and Participating Teachers are matched according to grade level and/or subject area, as appropriate to the participant’s employment.
The CUSD Induction Program Director and Teacher on Special Assignment assume the role and responsibility of the assignment and placement of Mentors.

3. Qualifications of Mentors and Professional Development Personnel Required Exhibits:

  • 3.4 Instructional Personnel Recruitment Documents - Not applicable to the CUSD Induction Program

4. Program Sequence

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  • 4.1 CUSD Induction Program Activities required for program completion:


5. Job-embedded Fieldwork and Clinical Practice Programs

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5.1 Participating Teacher and Mentor Assignment Timeline

6. Credential Recommendation

The Clovis Unified Induction Program Leaders recognize their responsibility to ensure that Candidates recommended for a credential have met all requirements. A system has been designed to monitor Participating Teachers’ progress.

The process includes:

  • Final Assessment: Program Leaders conduct a final review of e-portfolios in May. A CUSD Induction Program Completion Transcript is updated recording progress. Notifications are sent to all Participating Teachers informing them if they have met all program requirements. Participating Teachers with incomplete portfolios receive a progress report explicitly outlining any unmet requirements. Program Leaders complete a final re-evaluation of the portfolios for Participating Teachers with unmet requirements and update the Induction Completion Report.
  • Recommendation: Only those Participating Teachers who have completed all requirements are recommended for a clear credential. A formal online recommendation is submitted by Program Leaders to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The Participating Teacher is informed that the recommendation has been submitted and the application is ready to be completed. Those who have not met all requirements are not recommended for a clear credential and may apply for a program extension.

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