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covid-19 dashboard update beginning sep 20

Dashboard Updates
With all students returned to full-time, in-person instruction on Clovis Unified campuses the District is updating its COVID Reporting Dashboard.  The Dashboard will now reflect the total of all positive cases reported to the District, whether or not a student or staff member was on campus during the 48 hours prior to symptom onset. 
Beginning September 20, the COVID-19 Dashboard will show weekly totals over a rolling three-week period using:
  • Student attendance data, by school site, of any student reported absent by a parent/guardian because of a positive COVID-19 test. Each positive report will only be counted once, in the week of the first day of absence.
  • Staff absence data showing, by worksite, any staff member absent after reporting a positive COVID-19 test. Each positive report will only be counted once, in the week of the first day of absence.
Because attendance data may be updated with a reason code after the date of the initial absence, numbers in this dashboard may occasionally change slightly from week-to-week. To allow for the time necessary to update daily attendance records at school sites, the dashboard is populated using data from the previous school day and changes weeks every Tuesday.
All Clovis Unified schools are operating for in-person and online instruction with multiple health and safety measures in place to prevent the spread of illness.  One element of our expansive School Reopening Plan and COVID 19 Prevention Plan includes thorough contact tracing in the event of a confirmed positive case reported to our schools.

The Clovis Unified COVID-19 dashboard provides the community with a nightly reporting tool that reflects confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 reported to a school or support department of the District by a student or staff over a three-month period.  Included in this dashboard are confirmed positive cases reported by students onsite for in-person instruction, intervention, or co-curricular programs; and staff members working onsite in any facility of the District, even if a case was contracted elsewhere.
This dashboard will provide up-to-date information on positive COVID reporting at all District locations. The Clovis Unified COVID Dashboard is updated at the time a positive case report has been reviewed by the COVID Prevention Plan Officer and is reported to the Fresno County Department of Public Health.
A “positive case” is defined as an individual who has been onsite and who has reported a positive COVID-19 test result to the district, and is reported in the dashboard based on the month in which the positive test was taken by an individual (not the month in which the report was made to the District).  
A determination about the temporary closure of a building or classroom due to the presence of positive COVID-19 cases is determined by the Fresno County Department of Public Health working with the CUSD Contact Tracing team. A determination to temporarily relocate a class, building or site online due to staffing availability is made by school or department leadership in collaboration with the appropriate Assistant Superintendent.
The following process occurs in the case of a positive COVID test of a Clovis Unified employee or student:
  • The student or employee with a positive COVID test reports to their school site or immediate supervisor a positive COVID test result.
  • Appropriate Contact Tracing is immediately initiated by Clovis Unified’s trained Contact Tracing team.
  • Disinfection of any identified locations related to the positive COVID test is completed by the district sanitation-disinfection team.
  • Director or Principal sends two communications:
    1. To the staff/student’s guardian who tested positive with information about available resources and processes for returning after appropriate isolation.
    2. To students or staff members who may have had close contact exposure as determined by contact tracing.
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COVID-19 Dashboard FAQs

Q. What am I actually seeing when I look at the dashboard numbers?
A. Clovis Unified’s COVID Dashboard is updated nightly to reflect any new completed report(s) of a positive COVID-test of a student or staff member who was on a CUSD site within 48 hours prior to onset of symptoms or positive test. A report is deemed completed once it has been reviewed by the district’s COVID Prevention Plan Officer and is reported to the Fresno County Department of Public Health. The dashboard data does not reflect the moment a case is first reported, but when the investigation is completed. As part of the review process, the district’s Contact Tracing Team works immediately to identify and notify any individuals at a site determined to be a close contact of the positive case, and the district’s COVID Sanitation-Disinfection Team identifies any locations related to the positive COVID test and cleans them according to established protocols. A positive COVID case report and review may take approximately 24-48 hours to conclude.

Q. Could I get a call that my child has been determined to be a “close contact” of a person who has tested positive for COVID prior to that person’s data appearing on the dashboard?
A. Yes. Because the contact tracing process needs to be completed before data is given to FCDPH and put on the dashboard and/or because data of finalized reports are updated nightly, it is possible for someone to receive notification about a case prior to that case being reflected on the dashboard. Contacting individuals who have been identified as a Close Contact is a priority and will be done with urgency. (See more in question above. For more information about "close contacts," please see the Health & Quarantine Guidelines page.)

Q. Why would the total number of cases on the dashboard be higher one day and then lower the next?
A. In some occasions, this occurs when further investigation determines the positive-case person who was originally included on the dashboard was not on a CUSD site within 48 hours of symptom onset or positive test or other altering circumstance. In these cases, that person’s case is subsequently removed from the dashboard.

Q. Is the dashboard updated in real time?
A. Clovis Unified’s dashboard is updated nightly, in a 24-hour cycle, with any new completed positive case reports.

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