Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone Learning (AAAL) Headlines

All 7th & 8th Grade Students are “Laptop Students”!
If you have specific questions pertaining to the use of technology at your child’s intermediate school site, please contact the person designated below:
Alta Sierra  Daryl Katoch
Clark  Beth Willson  559.327.1500
Granite Ridge  LisaMarie Slater  559.327.5000
Kastner  Nikki Sorensen  559.327.2500
Reyburn Peggy Finch 559.327.4500
Sherri Johnston 559.327.0724 
FREE copies of the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite are available to current CUSD students! To help provide students with the tools they need to be successful, Clovis Unified is offering the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, and more) to all students, free of charge.

To begin installation, go to and login using your account (the username you use to login to a school computer, followed by Your password will be the same one that you use to login to school computers. Once logged in, follow the instructions to download and install the software. Once you have accepted the License Agreement, your software will become active.

For detailed installation instructions, please download this guide.

CUSD Bundles
All CUSD Bundles purchased through come with at least a 3-year warranty which includes Accidental Damage Protection. These machines may be serviced through the CUSD Technology Service Center at 1670 David E. Cook Way, where loaners are normally available while your machine is being repaired.

About Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone Learning (AAAL)
The vision of the Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone Learning with Laptops program (AAAL) in the Clovis Unified School District is to have any student in grades seven through twelve using a computer anytime they need to and anywhere they are.  The AAAL program is available at all District intermediate schools.

The program is a partnership with parents, the school district, and Lenovo to provide greater access to technology for students. We learned that when students have access to a laptop computer anytime and anywhere, powerful changes begin to occur in students’ schoolwork and in their learning.

The mainstay of the AAAL program is what is known as a laptop immersion class, where every student uses a laptop every day in their Academic Block classes (Language Arts and History). Many of the students choose to bring their own laptop to school for this purpose. Some in-class loaner laptops are available for students who do not have their own laptop or tablet device. Students use these in-class loaners during the school day, and rely on their own computers at home.

The idea of providing one-to-one computing opportunities for students was something that seemed an impossible idea in 1996. Now, however, teachers in Clovis Unified (and in other school districts across the country) have proven not only that it can be done, but also how much it can benefit students:
  • Having access to an Internet-connected computer or tablet all the time has enabled teachers to more effectively improve students’ critical thinking skills. Having information so readily available allows students to explore topics in a deeper, more meaningful way. Students are engaged, motivated and ready to learn.
  • Laptop programs increase collaboration in two ways. First, the project-based nature of laptop classrooms leads to the formation of workgroups, which naturally increases collaboration. In addition, teachers are no longer the only ones controlling access to information. Anyone in class can become the expert in a particular topic. The bottom line is that students love to help others and laptops give them plenty of opportunities.
  • With the guidance of a teacher, individualized learning paths are enabled. A laptop computer provides students with a tool that enables them to learn at a pace and in a way that’s best for them. Many District teachers report that previously unsuccessful students blossom as the laptop re-engages them with learning.

The Clovis USD AAAL program received two very prestigious awards during the 2005-06 school year.  The first recognition came from the California School Boards Association which recognized the 1:1 computing initiative as a Golden Bell Award Winner.  The second recognition was from Computerworld’s Honors Program which identified the District’s AAAL program as a Finalist in its Education and Academia Division.  The other Finalists in this category were:  Columbia University School of Nursing, Duke University Health System, Florida State University, and the New York City Department of Education.

After observing the success of the AAAL program, the decision was made to expand into all 7th and 8th grade Academic Block classes in every intermediate school in the district. Since 2010, approximately 6500 intermediate students benefit from a 1-to-1 laptop program each year. A variety of tools are used to deliver the curriculum to students, including Google Apps, Office 365, online textbooks, and many other web-based tools and sites.

Helpful Hints
Steps to Follow If You Choose to Purchase an AAAL Bundle:
Step #1 – Review the information provided on this page.
Step #2 – Purchase an AAAL Bundle from
Step #3 – Register for Laptop Summer Camp (optional, but highly recommended
Step #4 – Laptop Pickup and Orientation
Step #5 – Attend Laptop Camp
Step #6 – Wait for your teacher to tell you to bring your laptop to class


If Registering for the Loaner Program
Step #1 – Review the information provided on this page.
Step #2 – Register for Laptop Summer Camp (optional, but highly recommended)
Step #3 – Attend Laptop Camp
Step #4 – Wait for your teacher to provide instructions for using a district-owned laptop.


If a Purchasing a Non-Bundled Laptop:
Step #1 – Step #1 – Review the information provided on this page.
Step #2 – Check the specks of your computer to be sure your computer meets the minimum requirements
Step #3 – Register for Laptop Summer Camp (optional, but highly recommended)
Step #4 – Attend Laptop Camp
Step #5 – Wait for your teacher to tell you to bring your laptop to class


Minimum Computer Requirements
To be used in the AAAL program, a laptop must meet the following minimum requirements:

Please note that these are the “Minimum Requirements” for inclusion and do not represent the specifications for the new “Recommended Bundle” from Lenovo and   Please review these specifications carefully if you are not planning on buying a “Recommended Bundle” from

  • Windows 10 Laptops 
  • Apple Computers with OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” or better. (will not be able to print on our network)
  • Windows 10 Tablets  
  • iPads (allowed, but not recommended; may not be able to access all sites and programs used in class and will not be able to print on our network)
  • Chromebooks  (not able to print on our network)
  • Kindle, Nook, Android tablets, iPods, etc. do not meet the requirements of the program.
    • Microsoft Office (2013 or higher) already installed. CUSD students can download the latest version of Microsoft Office for free: Download Microsoft Office for FREE (for CUSD students only)
    • At least 4GB RAM
      802.11 a/g/n/ac or Wireless Network Adapter (ac recommended)—preferably not an external card, as internal wireless is preferred
    • Carrying case which accommodates the computer only or a protective enclosure for tablets


  • We highly recommend that students have access to internet at home in order to continue their learning experience after school hours 
  • Low cost internet may be available for families who qualify:

Anti-Virus Information
It is very important that you have anti-virus protection on your computer.

If you have Windows 10: Your laptop came pre-installed with Windows Defender.

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