Monitoring English Language Development



Student Progress in English Language Development and the mastery of English Language Development Standards is monitored by:
  • The ELD Standards Progress Profile Chart
  • ELD Assessments (Benchmark, Inside, Edge, etc.)
  • EL Folder monitoring
  • The Summative ELPAC
  • Four-Year Monitoring of Reclassified students

ELD Standards Progress Profile Cards (English Language Development Portfolio):
Student Progress in ELD for each English Learner shall further be monitored with the CUSD ELD Standards Progress Profile Chart.  Each English learner shall be monitored using the ELD Progress Profile.  The Profile Charts are affixed to the EL folder, and progress is monitored at least once per semester.

Once a semester all K-12, English Learners will be assessed by the classroom teacher as to the student’s progress in mastering the ELD Standards.  The classroom teacher, AB Teacher, Content Area (English, Social Science, etc.) is responsible to assess for Standard mastery by the student in the previous quarter with the completion date (month and year) recorded on the Progress profile.  The teacher shall include at least two ELD Assessment to the Progress Profile Card each school year.  The exit criteria for mastery of a language proficiency level shall be at least 70% Mastery of ELD Standards. ELD Standards Progress Cards are available from the Department of Special Projects.  For additional information, please call your child’s school and set up a meeting.  Progress is always reviewed at teacher conferences and/or as needed throughout the school year.

ELD Assessments May Include But Are Not Limited To:
Kindergarten:  Vocabulary assessments are to be given at the end of each unit.  The use of the Mid-Year Progress Test and End-of-Year Progress Test, are also recommended.

Gr. 1 – 6:  Pretests only need to be administered to students for whom you do not have a proficiency level.  If the post-test was given last Spring, you should have a starting instructional level based on that score.  Sites are responsible for ordering their own pretests if they choose to use them.

Unit tests will be administered quarterly and scanned on Illuminate.
An End-of-the-Year Illuminate Report is also be part of the EL student’s portfolio to show mastery of the ELD Standards.

Gr. 7-12:  Assessments monitoring the progress of ELD Standards shall be administered at on a least quarterly basis.  Schools should select and may choose assessments that best inform their instruction.  Assessments may include but are not limited to:  Benchmark Unit Exams, Inside, Edge, iCAL, etc.

EL Folder Monitoring:
A CUSD English Learner Folder will be created for each English learner in CUSD.  EL Folders will assist in monitoring the student progress and mastering ELD Standards and document appropriate services and programs.  The EL Folder will contain all required documentation for categorical programs.  EL Folders will travel with the student if they move within the CUSD. Annually, during the fourth quarter, the area assistant superintendents and Director of Special Projects shall review a random sample of EL folders at each school.  The sample shall be at least 15%.  The purpose of this review shall be to check for proper documentation and to determine that English Learners have been receiving appropriate instruction in ELD and SDAIE by a qualified teacher and that the English Learner’s progress has been documented in the ELD Portfolio.  Documents such as:  Parent Notifications, Summative ELPAC Reports, Primary Language Assessments, Reclassification Forms are included in the EL Folder.

English Language Proficiency Assessment for California:
The ELPAC shall be administered annually to each English Learner during the time frame established by the state.  The results of the Summative ELPAC shall be used to evaluate how well English Learners are learning English.  State law (Education Code sections 313, 60810 and 60812) required the development of a state test that school districts shall give to students whose home language is not English.  The test is called the California English Language Development Test (ELPAC).

The purpose of the ELPAC is:

  • To identify new students who are English Learners in kindergarten through grade 12.
  • To determine their level of English proficiency and to monitor their progress in learning English.
  • To help determine when they are proficient in English (reclassification).

California Education Code 313(d) requires that all English Learners who have been reclassified be monitored for a four-year period.  Monitoring does not mean the ELPAC should be administered again, rather, the student’s academic progress and achievement should be monitored and reviewed on a periodic basis to be certain the student is continuing to progress.  If the student fails to make progress, it is necessary to intervene and not allow him/her to fall behind.

The four-year monitoring in CUSD requires schools to list the student’s academic grades in each academic area each semester of the two years.  In addition, all CST proficiency levels in ELA and Mathematics must be listed on an annual basis.  Students are required to be monitored and reviewed for four years or eight semesters.  Schools are reminded to send EL Folders to the next site for monitoring to continue.  For example; a student reclassified in 8th grade must be monitored in grades 9 and 10 at the high school.  If a student shows signs of failing or falling behind, schools must provide, list, and monitor all intervention and additional support provided to the student to ensure success in the school’s regular education program.  You will find a copy of the Four-Year Monitoring Report on the following page.

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