CUSD’s planning and preparedness efforts promote school safety

safety_brochure2Recent world and national events may have parents wondering what Clovis Unified does to create safe schools. Should an emergency occur, school officials and emergency responders will first do what is needed to protect our students, and then work to inform parents with accurate and complete information. We recognize the importance of communicating with parents when an emergency occurs at their child’s school, and make it a priority to reach out to parents quickly using multiple communication channels (telephone, email, text, Internet, etc.).

To learn more, please download the CUSD Safety brochure


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Additional Resources

Resources are also available to families from the following websites.

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School Safety
Always a Priority

As educators we feel deeply our responsibility, every day, to watch over the safety of our students. Our hearts are breaking for the families and children who have lost loved ones and friends in school tragedies across the nation, and I recognize that families in Clovis Unified may have questions about their local schools’ plans to promote safety on our campuses.
In Clovis Unified, we have an extensive safe school system that is regularly practiced and reviewed at the school site level. In addition, we have collaborated with law enforcement to provide active shooter training to our staffs, and to ensure a thorough review of our existing safe school plans. I’m sure that every parent in our district is interested in these safety systems, which include multi-tiered steps that involve our entire community in ensuring the security of our school buildings.

As we reflect on the tragedies that have unfolded in schools, be assured that every element of our existing safety protocols is being re-examined to ensure it is relevant and reflects up-to-date best practices. The information contained here about our safe school system and how to talk with young people about tragedy may also be of interest to you.

Thank you for your partnership in our efforts to create a safe and welcoming environment on our campuses for every student.


Eimear O’Farrell, Ed.D.