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Some facts about Measure A
Taxpayers living within the Clovis Unified School District have a lower school district bond measure tax rate than those living within the Fresno Unified School District. The CUSD rate of $156/$100,000 of assessed valuation is approximately 27% less than that paid by a property owner in Fresno Unified, where the current tax rate is $198/$100,000 of assessed valuation.  The current tax rate did not increase with the passage of Measure A, it simply maintains the existing tax rate over time.

EXAMPLES of Projects:

  • Upgrading classrooms, science labs, fire safety systems and libraries
  • Acquiring sites, constructing and equipping new schools
  • Improving energy efficiency systems to return money spent on utilities to the classroom
  • Enhancing vocational education facilities
  • Ensuring handicapped accessibility
  • Health and safety improvements to older schools to repair deteriorating restrooms and leaky roofs, replace outdated heating

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At a Glance

WHAT: A $298 million facility bond measure designed to maintain excellent neighborhood schools, offset state budget cuts, and retain/attract quality teachers without increasing the 2012 tax rate.

WHEN: California’s Presidential Primary Election June 5, 2012

TAX IMPACT: As in recent CUSD bond measures, Measure A does not increase the existing tax rate at the time of the election.

Schools on Project List: Every school in Clovis Unified benefits from construction & renovation included on the Measure A project list.