Update: 2021-22 Return to Campus

We know there are many questions in the community about what school will look like in the fall. For Clovis Unified, we made public earlier in March our plan to return to a full, 5-day-a-week, in-person schedule at all of our campuses for the 2021-22 school year; we will also continue to offer an online-only option.


Our team is currently examining what is needed to make a full schedule return happen and is studying the various scenarios as to what different distance requirements might mean in terms of staffing, space and scheduling needs. 


We look forward to anticipated announcements in later March from the CDC and state and local health officials that may provide clarity on what future social distancing requirements will be.


A brief timeline of our planning process is to develop initial drafts of plans (currently underway); review those with the community (early April); and finalize return plans (late April) in time for parents to determine if their child will attend in person or online in the fall. (We will offer an online-only instructional option as well.) 


Parents are encouraged to watch for more information about discussion opportunities from their local school.



The following is an excerpt from Superintendent Dr. Eimear O’Farrell’s recent column published in the March edition of CUSD Today that elaborates on the topic.

“…Our mountain has moved far, but it isn’t yet where we want it to be for our students. That’s why our efforts are now focused on the coming school year. Simply put, our goal is to return our students to a traditional, five-day a week schedule with the new school year.

Efforts like our current work to obtain vaccinations for our educational team are steps in the right direction to accomplish this goal. This month we are also working with our employee groups and leadership team to analyze options and the impact of various health and safety measures on staffing, facilities, scheduling, transportation, and other operational elements of the school day. 

We are also using this month for discussions with state and local health officials about future physical distancing requirements that impact education. After initial plans are drafted, in April we will be processing possibilities with our student and parent communities in advance of releasing final plans in late April. At that time, families will be asked to indicate if they will return their children to our comprehensive campuses for in-person instruction or choose a continued online option for learning.

As we’ve heard from our parent community, before they can realistically make that decision, they need details of what in-person and/or online learning will look like, what access will be available to co-curricular programs, what transportation and food service will look like, and the other details that help make an informed decision. It is our intent (barring any major changes in state policies for California school districts) to provide parents with these details by the last week of April, giving families time to plan for the upcoming school year and the end of this long and arduous journey we’ve traveled together. 


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