Measure A at a Glance

WHAT: A $298 million facility bond measure designed to maintain excellent neighborhood schools, offset state budget cuts, and retain/attract quality teachers without increasing the 2012 tax rate.

California’s Presidential Primary Election June 5, 2012

TAX IMPACT: As in recent CUSD bond measures, if approved, Measure A would not increase the existing tax rate at the time of the election. Watch Video

Schools on Project List: Every school in Clovis Unified would benefit from construction & renovation included on the Measure A project list.

EXAMPLES of Projects:
• Upgrading classrooms, science labs, fire safety systems and libraries
• Acquiring sites, constructing and equipping new schools
• Improving energy efficiency systems to return money spent on utilities to the classroom
• Enhancing vocational education facilities
• Ensuring handicapped accessibility
• Health and safety improvements to older schools to repair deteriorating restrooms and leaky roofs, replace outdated heating and air conditioning systems, security systems and fire alarms

Project List

Clovis Adult School (16 years old)

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