Information for Parents A bus driver greets and assists student to board a conventional International bus.

Each school day, the Clovis Unified School District Transportation Department buses approximately 4,500 students one way to or from their school site. The department operates 51 regular education routes and 60 special education routes. Home to school transportation is provided at no charge for students who attend Clovis Unified schools and reside outside the established radius zone as defined below:

For Grades K-6, radius zone will be drawn at a distance of 1 mile from the school site.

Grades 7-12, radius zone will be drawn at a distance of 2.5 miles from the school site.

The radius zone will be measured by drawing a circular radius from a central location established at the school site campus and around the school within the school’s attendance boundary. Students living in excess of the defined radius zone and not in “special pockets” will be provided home-to-school transportation as defined. Students living within these “special pockets” will not be eligible for home-to-school transportation. “Special pockets” will be defined as areas of a neighborhood that are outside the radius zones but, with similar walking conditions of students not receiving transportation. These students will not be provided transportation regardless of the distance to school.


How to start the transportation process.

Starting the bus enrollment process.

There are no applications or a list of enrollment if you are eligible for transportation.  There is a process, however.    Students are to arrive at the bus stop nearest to their home five minutes before the scheduled departure time.  Drop-off times are approximate times.  This allows our drivers to verify addresses to be able to continue to provide transportation throughout the year.  Please have students bring Student ID or class schedules for easement of verification process.  For new students during the rest of the school year, please call our Transportation office at the number listed below.


Bus passes for students who live within the walk-in distance and choose to walk out to an existing bus stop, provided space is available on the regular bus, may purchase a bus pass from the District for $195.00 per year, or $115.00 from September-January or February-June semesters. These bus passes can be purchased from the Transportation Office, by appointment. Bus passes for Community Funded Bus Runs (CFBR) must be purchased directly from the Chairperson. Cost of these bus passes vary depending on the run. Contact the CFBR Chairperson or the Transportation Office for more information at 559.327-9701