Information for Parents School bus 55 with students posing for photo.

Established Radius Zones

The general policy of the District is to make a transportation program available for students who live outside an established radius zone and for those meeting the eligibility criteria for ridership.  The established radius zone distance for students shall be as follows: a. For grades K-6, the radius zone will be drawn at a distance of one (1) mile from the school site. b. For grades 7-12, the radius zone will be drawn at a distance of two and one half (2.5) miles from the school site. Students who live within the radius zones as defined above will not be provided transportation regardless of the distance to the assigned school. (Reference BP 8301)



Any students who meet the eligibility criteria for ridership and would like to utilize transportation services must:

  1. Arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled leave time.
  2. Wait for the bus in a safe place.
  3. Wait until the bus is completely stopped, enter the bus in an orderly manner and take a seat immediately.
  4. Be courteous to the school bus driver and fellow passengers.
  5. All students attending grades 7-12 shall have in their possession a valid school site ID card when utilizing school bus transportation.
  6. Each student shall board or exit the school bus only at the student’s “authorized” bus stop. “Authorized” bus stop is defined as the bus stop closest to the student’s residence.


Bus Passes

Students living inside the radius zone parameters of one (1) mile for grades K-6, and two and one half (2.5) miles for grades 7-12 may walk to an existing bus stop and receive a ride to and from school provided they pay a fee as established in Administrative Regulation No. 8301. This fee will apply to all students living within the radius zones and is obtainable on a space available basis which will be determined during the third week of the beginning of each school year. (Reference BP 8301)


Community Funded Bus Passes

Community Funded Bus (CFB) passes must be purchased directly from the area CFB Chairperson. The cost of CFB bus passes vary depending on the route. For information regarding Community Funded Buses, please contact the CFB area Chairperson, or the Transportation Department at 559.327-9701.


Posted Bus Rules of Conduct


  1. Fighting (physical contact), fighting (verbal altercation), threatening behavior and/or harassment, of any kind is prohibited.
  2. Weapons, smoking, laser pens, drugs or alcohol are forbidden on or near a school bus.
  3. Cross the street in front of the bus and only under the supervision of your bus driver.
  4. Follow the instructions of your bus driver at all times.
  5. Students are to remain seated and facing the front of the bus while the bus is in motion.
  6. Keep your arms and head inside the bus at all times.
  7. Profanity, indecent language, and/or obscene gestures are prohibited.
  8. Any property defaced or destroyed on the school bus will be paid by the student and/or the parent/guardian.
  9. Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are prohibited.
  10. Spitting or throwing objects on the bus or out the windows is prohibited.
  11. Loud or boisterous noises, singing or whistling will not be permitted.
  12. Glass objects, inflated balloons, cleats, radios, tape recorders, roller blades scooters, or skateboards will not be permitted, unless in an enclosed bag.
  13. Cell phones and text messaging devices shall not be used unless it is an emergency (headphone equipment OK).
  14. Animals or insects (dead or alive) are not allowed on the bus. (Reference AR 8301)