Faculty Senate


The mission of Faculty Senate is to be an effective advocate for teachers at all levels of policy making, procedures, and expenditures, in partnership with our administrators, fellow employees, and community as a quality educational team.


  • Clovis Unified is an excellent school district; a district in which the employees have been, and will continue to be, proud members.
  • Teachers are an integral part of the Clovis Unified School District; district-wide teamwork, communication, empowerment, commitment, support, and recognition with honesty, fairness, and respect at all levels will nurture educators that feel their efforts are valued and that they make a difference.
  • We represent the voice of the teaching staff individually and collectively and will serve as their advocate.
  • We are valued partners in the vision and operation of the district with the school board, district administrators, principals, parents, community members, and students through support and maintenance of district beliefs and goals.


It will be the duty of each Senator to keep abreast of current concerns within their own faculty and within the district. In doing so, this organization shall represent all faculty interests on matters pertaining to the performance, growth, development, and welfare of its members.

Executive Board

PresidentDuane Goudy[email protected] 

Vice PresidentStacey Schiro[email protected] 327-1036Daily: 9-10:40, lunch, after school
ParliamentarianKathy Gulseth[email protected] 

SecretaryRobyn Clark[email protected] 

CommunicationsLisa Brown[email protected] 

CommunicationsThomas McBride[email protected] 

MEETINGS THIS WEEK:  November 30-December 4, 2020

Duane Goudy


Stacey Schiro


Kathy Gulseth


Robyn Clark

Lisa Brown

Thomas McBride

Current Committees

Committees and Facutly Senators on those committees

Stacey Schiro, chair

Kathy Gulseth, co-chair

Carol Vande Kerkhoff

Jennifer O'Meara

Jaime Arredondo

Melissa Ferdinandsen

Leslie Cox

Antonina Cardinalli

Pat Geil

Erin Garcia

Meredith Pulliam

Erica Robinson

Cassidy Salinas

Glenda Haux

Christine Tessler

Aubrey Gillen

Judy Dumas

Sabrina Mills

Stephanie Davidson-Barcellos

Samantha Phillips

Jaqueline Sales

Chris Fisher

Meeting Calendar


DATEMonday December 14, 2020
TYPEGrade Level ZOOM
TIMEIntermediate and High School:  3:00-4:00 PMElementary:  4:10-5:10 PM

Meeting Minutes


Game time!

Game of the month!  All correct answers will have a name in the jar to be pulled!  One name will be pulled the day of our FS meeting.  Winner will be posted on this website!

This months prize:  $5.00 STARBUCKS card.  

This months question:  
decem, (latin for 10) . . . HOW DOES THAT RELATE TO DECEMBER BEING THE 12th MONTH?
Email your answer to [email protected] 


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