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Clovis Unified continues to grow year after year. The growth issue alone will force us to push kids from the southeast where we are out of space, to other schools across the district; and when we are still out of space, we will have to consider resorting to double sessions or year-round schedules to make room for our kids.  Both of which we’ve tried before, and which didn’t work for our community.

If passed, this bond will allow Clovis Unified to add and expand capacity at schools that are already impacted as well as build an educational center to address overcrowding.

Since the last high school was built in the district, 
we've grown by more than 6,000 students, 
with another 2,000 expected in the next five years.

New construction
New 7-12 Educational Center

The Terry Bradley Educational Center, a new campus for grades 7 to 12, would assist with overcrowding and future home growth in the current Clovis East Area.
Classroom Additions
Classroom Additions

Clovis West, built 44 years ago, has grown over time and old portable buildings added to make room for growth. If Measure A passes, a new wing would replace old portables and add new classroom wings at five schools.
MET Expansion

Career Technology Education continues to expand across the district to prepare students for the future. Clark Intermediate would expand classrooms and modernize its Mercedes Edwards Theatre (MET) to relieve overcrowding.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click to Expand)

What facilities improvements are needed to support local schools and student learning?
To ensure our students continue to have access to high quality learning environments, our schools need basic repairs and upgrades. Today, more than half of our schools are 25 years or older, with the majority of those built 40 or more years ago. Our Facilities Audit & Master Plan has identified needed repairs and maintenance to meet health and safety standards and ensure all students have equal access to high-quality facilities.

How does CUSD plan to address these facility challenges?
In order to keep up with enrollment growth, complete identified health upgrades, keep schools safe, and facilities up-to-date, a committee of citizens found a need for, and the Clovis Unified School District Governing Board is placing, a $335 million bond measure on the November 2020 ballot. Bond funds are the primary way that we can keep schools up-to-date and well-maintained, and build and modernize facilities.

I heard we passed a bond measure in the past, why do we need another one?
We are out of money and out of space in our current facility program. Out of space in many high growth areas where schools are at or over capacity, and out of money because prior bond funds have all been spent to keep our schools in the condition they are in today.

Health and safety updates are needed to respond to needs of 2020, like hospital grade ventilation systems at all schools and one-touch lockdown equipment to boost the security of our campuses. Measure A isn’t expected to increase the existing tax rate, but it would build new schools and buildings to keep up with current and future growth, help avoid widespread boundary changes, add safety and health features to all campuses, and keep schools maintained and up-to-date like they are today.

I don’t have kids in school, how would this benefit me?
We know our local schools are among the best in California, making our community a desirable place to live. This helps keep our property values high and our neighborhoods strong.  Good quality schools reflect on an entire community.

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