Principles of Leadership

Leadership Is…
Students and Teacher recreating Washington crossing the Delaware River

“Leadership is both a science and an art. It’s the science of creating and articulating organizational vision, core values, and standards. It’s also the art of building relationships. As Doc taught us, ‘It’s people, not programs, that make the positive difference.’ Toward that end, leaders must remember that they are in the people business, and effective leaders are those who work daily to build strong and positive relationships with the people who make up the District. Historically, Clovis Unified has taken care of its people (students, staff and families) and, in turn, these very people have helped take care of the District.”

— Janet Young, Ed.D.

“As long as the leaders of Clovis Unified continue to remember that the organization is more important than any one individual, and that the culture, traditions and core values of CUSD are stronger than that of any one leader, Clovis Unified will continue to be a ‘destination’ district for ALL students.”

— Terry Bradley, Ed.D.

“Leaders are held to high standards. However, the leader in Clovis Unified has to also be a relationship builder. Slogans like ‘people not programs’ require Clovis Unified leaders to be listeners, team players and kind all within a very focused and high performing organization.”

— Walt Buster, Ed.D.