Registration for new elementary students
New students who will be attending elementary school in grades one through six may begin registering for the 2016-17 school year as of Wednesday, March 11, 2015. Parents and guardians should register their students at the school they will be attending for the 2015-16 school year. If you are not sure which school that would be, enter your address here.

Kindergarten registration

Following is information regarding documents necessary to register and eligibility requirements for kindergarten students for the 2015-16 school year.

Eligibility: To be eligible to register for traditional kindergarten, a child must reach 5 years of age on or before Sept. 1, 2015. Children whose fifth birthday falls between Sept. 2 and Dec. 2, 2015, can enroll in CUSD’s transitional kindergarten program, as these students are not eligible for traditional kindergarten for the 2015-16 school year. 

Required student information
At the time of registration, the following must be presented:

  • A birth certificate or other birth record, such as a baptismal certificate (must provide birth certificate within 30 days);
  • Your child’s social security card or number (voluntary);
  • Proof of residency, such as a PG&E bill; recent water, sewage or garbage bill; current rental agreement; escrow papers less than 45 days from closing; recent property tax payment receipt, recent pay check stub; voter registration card; or a certified copy of the Voter Registration Application Form.
  • Written evidence of up-to-date immunizations for: Polio, MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), DTP (Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis), Hepatitis B series (three shots over a 6-month period) and Varicella (chickenpox).  All incoming seventh-graders must show proof of a T-dap booster. Getting a booster shot now will protect your child against the ongoing threat of Pertussis and meet the school requirement that began in the 2011-12 school year (California law – Assembly Bill 354). Please contact your child’s School Nurse if you have any questions.

California law now requires that each kindergarten student has an oral health assessment by May of their kindergarten year. The law specifies that the assessment must be performed by a licensed dentist or other licensed or registered dental health professional. Oral health assessments that have taken place within 12 months prior entering school will meet this requirement.

For parents’ convenience, in cooperation with the State Department of Health Services and the Fresno County Health Services Agency, CUSD’s Children’s Health Centers offer immunizations (at the locations listed below) during the school year for children’s immunizations that are not up-to-date.

In addition, for income-eligible families, children may qualify for a Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) physical free of charge at the sites listed in the box. CHDP physicals are done by appointment only.

Immunization Information

The Hepatitis B series (3 shots) are also required for children entering kindergarten. Effective July 1, 2001, all entering kindergarten children are required to receive the Chickenpox vaccine (varicella) or have documented proof (by a healthcare professional) that they have had the disease. Any student registering in California schools from out of state, grades 1-12, without documentation of having had Chickenpox, will also need the varicella vaccine. Registrations will not be completed without proof of the above immunizations. For your convenience, Clovis Unified School District, in cooperation with the State Department of Health and the Fresno County Health Services Agency offers free immunizations during the school year if your child is not up-to-date. Health Centers are available at the sites listed below.

All foreign student immunization records are to be reviewed by our Children’s Health Center prior to enrollment.

Immunizations are available at Childrens Health Centers.
New law changes immunization requirements

  • Immunization Law SB 277 took effect Jan. 1 and now requires all students to be immunized at the entry grade-level points of kindergarten and seventh grade.
  • Personal Belief Exemptions, or PBEs, will no longer be offered.
  • A PBE previously filed for enrolled students before 2016 will remain valid until the child reaches the next immunization checkpoint at kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) or seventh grade.  That means a PBE already on file will be valid for current elementary students through sixth grade and for current secondary students through high school.
  • Homeschooling or independent study programs without classroom-based instructions are not subject to the immunization requirements.

More information about SB277 is available at the California Department of Public Health’s website at www.shotsforschool.org.