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Clovis Unified School District provides high-quality preschool programs throughout the district.  We strive to be the benchmark for excellence in Early Childhood Education programs.  The mission of our program is to provide a safe, nurturing and engaging early learning environment that effectively supports the diverse needs of children and families in our community and creates a foundation for children to enter Kindergarten as lifelong learners.    We offer California State Preschool Programs (CSPP) at 29 school sites and CUSD Private Pay Programs at 2 school sites.  Many sites offer AM and PM programs.  Go to our “Registration” page for more information.


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Each preschool program is comprised of a highly qualified teaching staff.  This includes a Teacher-Director, an Associate Teacher, and an Aide II in every classroom.  There is one adult for every 7 students.  Staff development meetings and workshops provide teachers with training and materials needed to ensure maximum student growth.
All staff are qualified with appropriate certification under the Child Development Permit Matrix.  Our Teacher-Directors have at least 24 units in Early Childhood Ed/Child Development, 2 units in adult supervision, and at least 350 days of experience in childcare setting.
  • 72% of our Teacher-Directors have a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree
  • 11% of our Teacher-Directors have a CA Teaching Credential
  • 9% of our Teacher-Directors have a Master of Arts or Science Degree 

Our Associate Teachers have at least 12 units in Early Childhood Ed/Child Development, and 50 days of childcare experience.

The Aide II positions have at least 6 units in Early Childhood Ed/Child Development, or one year prior experience as an Aide. 


Clovis Unified Preschool offers parent education as well as high quality child education!  We encourage all parents/guardians to volunteer in the classroom.  Not only will the time you spend with your child in school leave your with parenting tips and strategies, but your child will learn to truly value the importance of education.  Prior to volunteering each parent/guardian will need to complete the Volunteer Online Application.

Preschool Volunteer InformationLink to District Volunteer Online Application
Volunteer TB Risk Assessment FormTB Risk Assessment Form(.rtf)Volunteer Influenza Waiver FormInfluenza Waiver Form(.rtf)

Teachers will provide parent meetings throughout the school year.  These meetings are designed to help parents deepen their parenting skills and extend the learning at home.  We urge each parent/guardian to attend and take advantage of these mini-workshops by the experts!
The Child Development Parent Advisory Committee is comprised of parents, educators, and community members interested in being partners in and contributors to our programs’ efforts. Meetings are held twice each year. As a participant, your input will ensure that our programs continually improve and meet our highest expectations.


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The staff provide a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities for young children based upon the CA Preschool Learning Foundations. The materials used to meet the Foundations objectives are:
  • SECOND STEP for social/emotional development
  • PBIS and TEACHING PYRAMID for promoting social and emotional development in all students, preventing challenging behaviors and supporting students with persistent challenging behaviors
  • Multiple resources for music, rhythm and movement
  • Multi-media and a child-directed approach to visual arts


The DESIRED RESULTS DEVELOPMENTAL PROFILE-2015 (DRDP-2015) is a one-on-one assessment to determine a child's developmental level in language, literacy, math, and social-emotional development.  The DRDP-2015 is aligned with the CA Preschool Learning Foundations.

The CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT SCORING SYSTEM is a tool used by teachers to self-assess the quality of their instruction and safety of their environment. 

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