Workers' Compensation

Required Steps for Reporting A Workplace Injury or Illness

  1. Notify Supervisor of work-related injury immediately
  2. Call the Company Nurse Injury Hotline @ 1-888-770-0929
  3. Submit a DWC1-1 claim form immediately

Already filed a claim? Here's what to expect:

  • Your claim will be sent to Sedgwick, our Workers’ Compensation Carrier.  
    • Sedgwick will contact you directly by mail to advise if your claim is accepted, denied or delayed for investigation.   
    • Sedgwick will provide you with the name and contact information for the adjuster assigned to your claim.  Your adjuster can answer any questions you have about your claim and your treatment.
    • If you have questions specific to your claim, you may contact Sedgwick at 909-942-4804.

  • Sedgwick will pay for your authorized medical treatment from one of the District’s contracted Occupational Health Clinics or a pre-designated physician.

  • After each visit with your treating physician, you will be given a status slip from your doctor’s office advising if you are unable to return to work, able to return to work, or able to return to work with modified work restrictions.
    • Immediately following each appointment, you are responsible for providing your immediate supervisor with a copy of your status slip.
  • If your doctor prescribes you medication for your work related injury/illness you must take the Mitchell ScriptAdvisor - Temporary Prescription Benefit Card with you to the pharmacy when you pick up your medication.   Doing so ensures the cost of your medication will be paid for by Sedgwick and you will have no out of pocket expense.  
  • Linked to this page is the WellComp Written Notification regarding our Workers’ Compensation Medical Provider Network.  In the event you wish to change your Primary Treating Physician you must contact your adjuster at Sedgwick to request the change.
  • It is important you contact your Sedgwick adjuster directly at 909-942-4902 regarding your claim; however, there are certain areas where our CUSD Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll Departments can assist you with questions regarding modified work, leaves of absence and pay.   You may reach these departments at the following numbers:
    • Benefits:                        327-9125
    • Human Resources:       327-9100
    • Payroll:                          327-9074

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