Open Enrollment, Interdistrict and Intradistrict Transfer Policies

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Clovis Unified School District recognizes that students and families have unique needs deserving special consideration. Therefore, procedures have been established providing for the attendance needs of students and families, which supersede the school selection determined by the residence of the student.

Please review the different transfers below and choose the type that meets your needs.

Live in the district
and want to attend a 
different CUSD school

Intradistrict Transfer
A one-year short-term transfer available for specific reasons such as:
  • Childcare
  • Intent to Move
  • Parent Employment
  • Change in Legal Address
  • Academic Program
Transfers are available year-round.  Intradistrict Transfers are good for one year, the student must secure an Open Enrollment for following years.

Download "Intradistrict Transfer Application" below.

Open Enrollment Transfer
Long-term transfer valid through twelfth grade. No reason is required to request the transfer other than parent preference.  

Application period is the first day of school until November 1st prior to the year requested. 

Download "Open Enrollment Application" below.

Live outside the district 
and want to attend a
CUSD school

Entering Interdistrict Transfer
Applications must be accessed at your resident school district (i.e. Fresno, Central, Sanger Unified). Transfers are available year-round.

Transfers are valid for one school year, students must apply annually.

Each school district has their own policies and practices.  Applicants must be approved for release by their resident district AND then approved for enrollment by Clovis Unified School District. 

Employment Based
Applications are for parents who work within Clovis Unified School District attendance boundaries for 10 or more hours per week. Click here for more information.

Once granted, students become residents of the district, not a specific school. Parents must re-verify their employment annually to maintain enrollment.

Download "Employment Based Transfer Application" below.

Live in the district 
and want to attend a 
school in a different district

Leaving Interdistrict Transfer
Applications must be turned in to Student Services and School Attendance. Approval to be released from Clovis Unified School District must meet governing board criteria. Transfers are available year-around.
Applicants must be approved for release from Clovis Unified AND then approved for enrollment by the requested school district.

Download "CUSD Interdistrict Transfer Application To Leave" below.

General Transfer Information

    • Processing time varies depending on the type of transfer, the volume of requests, and student records requests.
    • All transfers are subject to review of the student’s attendance, behavior, and academic records.   Students must be in good standing to qualify for a transfer.
    • All transfers are subject to space availability at the school, grade level and/or specialized program need.  Resident student enrollments will take priority over transfer students.                      
    • Enrollment in a requested school does not guarantee approval to remain.
    • Need Help?   Contact Student Services and School Attendance at (559)327-9200 or via email at [email protected]

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