2022 Elementary and Secondary Summer School

Summer school in Clovis Unified will continue it its expanded format as the district continues to address the needs of CUSD students and families.  As students have been attending in-person school all year, we won’t be returning students to campus for the first time, but we will still be addressing some learning loss in addition to the usual summer school needs.  “Clovis Unified will do all we can for students who may need some extra help to master standards for their grade level at elementary, and we will provide credit recovery or original credit for students who have impacted schedules,” said CUSD Summer School Coordinator Karen Boone.
Elementary grade levels (TK-6)
The elementary program will run four weeks in length from Monday – Thursday, June 13th – July 7th, except for Monday, July 4th.  Each area will operate one elementary site, and some areas will operate two to serve the district’s students.  The summer school programs for elementary and intermediate grades are designed to provide students with targeted, meaningful, and engaging instruction for essential skills in English and/or math. Instruction is focused on meeting the needs of students and providing targeted instruction designed to support student learning.
The Accelerated Learning Academy will be expanded from one site to four sites for English learners who are mastering their English skills.  The program is offered to students who have recently completed grades 1-6. The academy is designed to provide a fun and active learning opportunity that accelerates students’ English language, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through flexible and dynamic activities. Student attendance is emphasized throughout the program. Admission is based upon English learner classification and parent consent.
Summer academic programs for students in grades TK - 6 will be held at the following sites:
  • Tarpey Elementary:  all Buchanan area students
  • Clovis Elementary:  students who attend Clovis Elementary, Red Bank, Cedarwood and Mickey Cox
  • Weldon:   students who attend Weldon and Sierra Vista
  • Fancher Creek: students who attend Fancher Creek, Oraze, Reagan, Freedom and Young
  • Temperance-Kutner:  students who attend Boris, Temperance-Kutner, Miramonte
  • Mountain View:   all Clovis North area students
  • Lincoln: students who attend Lincoln, Liberty, Fort Washington, Maple Creek and Valley Oak
  • Pinedale:  students who attend Pinedale and Nelson

The Elementary Accelerated English Language Academy will be held on the Temperance-Kutner (Clovis East area), Clovis Elementary (Clovis High area), Pinedale (Clovis West area) and Mountain View (Clovis North and Buchanan high areas).  
Space at each site is limited. Students with at-risk grades will receive priority enrollment. Parents may contact their school regarding availability and site location for their school area.
Secondary grade levels (7-12)
In-person credit recovery classes will occur at all five high schools again this summer from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., June 13th – July 21st.     Recovery summer school will be offered again for intermediate students in both English (AB) and math.   Independent Study summer school will operate Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:00am – 5:00pm, and students’ appointments will be scheduled by their independent study summer school teacher.
Due to the highly impacted courses and short duration of the summer session, strict discipline and attendance policies are enforced daily. For a student to receive credit for a summer school course, he or she must attend the entire summer school session and not miss more than one day of instruction. One absence is permitted. On the second absence of a semester class, the student will be dropped from the summer school program. 

The purpose of the summer session for grades 7-12 is two-fold. First, the summer session provides high school students with the opportunity for “credit-recovery” to master the essential elements of incomplete/failed courses. Summer school may also be used as “original credit” for selected courses that provide an open space for an impacted class schedule for students to take an additional class the following school year when students meet specific eligibility criteria. If a student meets the criteria, high school counselors will enroll the student into summer school during the registration process.

To register or receive more information, students must meet with their high school counselors.
Original credit summer school for high school students who will have an impacted schedule in the fall will continue to be available both in-person and through independent study class for those who meet requirements. Counselors can advise which courses will be offered for original credit.
Transportation to summer school sites is available to students. Visit www.cusd.com/summer-schoool/ for a list of summer transportation bus schedules available at the end of May.

Campus Catering:

Summer Seamless will offer Breakfast and Lunch at no cost to students (under 18 years of age) each day summer school is in session.

COVID-19 Update

School building
Teachers and summer school administrators will follow Clovis Unified’s current Isolation & Quarantine Guidelines for Students found here.  Teachers and administrators may not ask a student for verification of a positive test to support their absence; if a student is absent due to testing positive for Covid-19, the school will be required to provide work while the student is isolating, and the student will not be dropped from summer school due to the absence.  

2022 Summer School Directory


Buchanan (Alta Sierra & BHS) 327-3000

Michelle Dodson/Jonathan Slater - Principals

Johnny Phongsavath/Jessica Salazar, GLD’s

Mario Alvarez/Pat Geil, LD

Chris Salone, GIS

Tricia Wallace. Office Manager

Tarpey Elementary

Schools served –

All BHS Area elementary sites

Shane Gillen/Lisa Peterson, Principal

Saul Salinas, GIS

Michelle Fey, School Secretary



Clovis High (Clark & Clovis High) 327-1000

Robert Hochberg/Sara McAvoy, Principals

Gina Dean/Sonja Wilson, GLD’s

Danny Bravo/Karen Majchen, LD’s

Danny Bravo/Joshua Purves/Jaclyn Russell, GIS

Janis Tatum. Office Manager

Clovis Elementary

Schools served – AELA Site

Clovis Elem, Red Bank, Cedarwood & Mickey Cox

Donelle Kellom/Jennifer Thao, Principals

Shane Pearson, GIS

Nicole Lewis/Laura Morton, School Secretary

Weldon Elementary

Schools served

Weldon, Sierra Vista, Gettysburg & Jefferson

Andy Bolls/Ray Lozano, Principals

Melissa Harris, GIS

Patti Carpenter, School Secretary



Clovis North (Granite Ridge & North)

Yvette Adams, Principal

Max Herr/Jennifer Goulart, GLD’s

Kelsie Smith, LD

Gary Omi, GIS

Mistie Burrows/Ashley Hernandez, Office Manager

Mountain View Elementary

Schools served

All North Area Elementary sites – AELA Site

Tom Wright, Principal

Jessica Hatamaria, GIS

Ashley Hall, School Secretary




West (Kastner & West) 327-2000

Shannon Harris-Trotter/Jason James, Principals

Anthony Bringetto, Kendall East, GLD’s

Anisha Mayberry/Jeremy Pierro, LD’s

Ethan Moreno, GIS

Rosalba Rivera, Office Manager

Lincoln Elementary

Schools served

FW, Liberty, Lincoln, Maple Creek & Valley Oak

Ann Castro/Rachelle Pirok, Principals

Nelson Fowlkes, GIS

Genevieve Wilcots, School Secretary


Schools served – Pinedale & Nelson – AELA site

Debra Bolls/Vanessa Savoy, Principals

Michelle Perkins, GIS

Dina Faria, School Secretary



Clovis East (Reyburn & East) @ Clark

Russ Harding/Matt Papendorf/Andrew Manouelian, Principals

Joe Flint, GLD

Rene Cardona/Shanna Tyson, LD’s

Jonithan Johnson/Sylvia Lopez, GIS

Sandy Hulbert. Office Manager

Fancher Creek Elementary

Schools served

FC, Oraze, Reagan, Freedom & Young

Carisa Cordova/Ray Gamez, Principals

Ray Gamez/Melissa Goto, GIS

Debby Bagdasarian/Rhonda Davis, School Secretary

Temperance-Kutner Elementary, 327-6100

Schools served

Boris, TK, Miramonte – AELA Site

Demetra Vincent Walker/Laura Reynolds, Principals

Melissa Papendorf/Jamie Swisegood, GIS

Muggs Marquez, School Secretary



Lisa Vuola, Principal 327-0666 or

Muggs Marquez, Secretary

Clovis Elementary * Mountain View

Pinedale * Temperance Kutner





Community Day School

7th – 8th Grade

6/13 – 7/7 

(Closed July 4th)

8:30am – 1:30pm 


Monica Castillo, Principal

Kathleen Cervantes, School Secretary


Clovis Online

7th – 12th Grade

6/13 – 7/21 (Closed July 4th)

8:30am – 1:30pm; 327-4400

Ben Clement, Principal

Kim Patterson, GIS

Debra Haro, School Secretary


Extended School Year

Pre-K – High School – Adult

Preschool: 8:45am – 11:45am (Mon. – Thurs.)

All Programs Including PALS: 7:45-11:45 (Mon. – Thurs.)

TIP: 8:30-12:30 (Mon. – Thurs.)

Heather Guffey, Principal

Extended School Year Sites



Heather Guffey

Stacey Mansfield, 

Office Manager

Grades K-6



Amanda Martin & Allison Gage

Nancy Lopez,

Office Manager

Grades 1 – 6

Granite Ridge


Cari Loete & Paula Vivid

Holly Lulejian & Juli Thornton, Office Manager

Grades 7 – 12

Clovis ATP (Located @ Clovis Adult Ed)

Cari Loete & Paula Vivid

Ages 18 – 22

TIP (Located @ COS)

Grades 3-12

Garfield Center:

Medically Fragile

Amanda Martin & Allison Gage

Nancy Lopez,

Office Manager

Secondary Summer School

6/13 – 7/21 (Closed July 4th)

Ind. Study

6/7– 7/20


6/13 – 7/21

8:00am – 5:00pm

Tues. & Wed.

8:00am – 12:30pm

Mon. – Thurs.

Elementary Summer School

June 13th – July 7th (Closed July 4th)

7:50am –2:00pm (Mon. – Thur.)




7:00am – 5:00pm, Monday - Thursday

Erin Waer, Assistant Superintendent, PLC


Chuck Sandoval, Administrator CI&A, PLC


Karen Boone, Learning Director, PLC


Sally Palermo, Administrative Assistant, PLC


Trina Hooke, Administrative Secretary II, PLC




Gary Comstock, Director, Supplemental Services (through June 30) PLC


Robyn Snyder, Director Supplemental Services (starting July 1) PLC


Michelle Ortega, Financial Analyst


Lisa Vuola, AELA, PLC


Darcy Lopez, Program Support, PLC


Christine Azzarello, HR Analyst


Dana Parker, Substitute Teachers


Lisa Dolan, Teaching Credentials


Diana Rouse, Q


Holly Halvorson, Q


Diane Negrete, Graphic Arts


Maureen Bagdasarian, Campus Catering


Steven Mirelez, Transportation


Kia Yang, Director, Child Development



ELOP Sites

Transitional Kindergarten – 6th grade; 2:00pm – 5:00pm, Monday – Thursday

Tina teNyenhuis, Coordinator


Clovis Elementary 

Manpreet Kaur, Supervisor, 79194

Fancher Creek

Manpreet Kaur, Supervisor, 79194


Manpreet Kaur, Supervisor, 79194


Manpreet Kaur, Supervisor, 79194


Manpreet Kaur, Supervisor, 79194


Manpreet Kaur, Supervisor, 79194


Campus Club Sites



Julie Richardson, Coordinator


Copper Hills

Kayla Unruh, Supervisor, 79172

Dry Creek 

Kayla Unruh, Supervisor, 79172

Fort Washington

Kayla Unruh, Supervisor, 79172


Kayla Unruh, Supervisor, 79172


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