2021 Elementary and Secondary Summer School

Summer school in Clovis Unified will look a little different this year, with the district preparing for potentially greater amounts of students attending programs in order to fortify their learning experience or complete recovery work. Chuck Sandoval, CUSD Summer School Director says, “We know this year has been challenging with COVID conditions and the resulting online and hybrid classes. We want to do all we can for students who may need help to master standards from this past school year at the elementary level and, for the secondary level students, to provide credit recovery or original credit for impacted schedules."  

To better serve the needs of our students and families, the summer program also has been expanded from four weeks to six weeks. At the elementary grade levels (K-6), instead of having six elementary school sites conducting summer school in typical years, this year there will be eleven sites and a site for an accelerated English learning academy for students mastering their English skills. Sandoval said the focus area for elementary summer school will be on this current year of curriculum, in order to help solidify concepts from the 2020-21 school year; previously, the study area was on the upcoming school year’s curriculum. “We want to review and reteach key concepts to help students be ready for next year. Also, for some students who have been online only, it will benefit them to experience in-person instruction and how to re-engage,” Sandoval said.  Space at each elementary site is limited. Students with at-risk grades will receive priority enrollment. Parents may contact their student's GIS or principal regarding availability and site location for their area. 

At the secondary level (7 - 11), in-person credit recovery classes will occur at all five high schools instead of just two sites as in previous years. The expansion is due in part to social distancing requirements necessitating more space and also a higher number of students expected to attend. Classes will be in-person for six weeks from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. For the first time, recovery summer school will be offered for intermediate students as well. Secondary students who qualify for the summer recovery program will be contacted by their school counselor. Original credit summer school for high school students who will have an impacted schedule in the fall will continue to be available both in-person and through independent study class for those who meet requirements. Parents or students should contact the student's counselor regarding summer school enrollment. 

COVID-19 Update

School building

Clovis Unified is committed to providing high quality educational programs for our students, during these uncertain times. With this goal in mind CUSD has made the decision to offer Summer School at the elementary and secondary levels. All Summer School programs will be offered in-person at our elementary and secondary sites.  Students will be socially distanced with elementary classrooms around 15 students per classroom.   As usual, the High School Summer School Program will be a combination of credit recovery and original credit for those students with impacted schedules.  Schools are currently in the process of enrolling students for Summer School and contacting parents.  If you have questions about your child attending summer School please contact your school site.


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