As part of the CUSD Health Plan, prescription coverage is provided through CVS Health, Inc. with many pharmacies to choose from in the Clovis/Fresno area as well as across the United States.  
For new prescriptions, two 30 day fills may be obtained at any CVS Health Pharmacy for the applicable 30 day supply copay listed below.  When a prescription is filled for a third time at the same quantity and dosage it is then considered a “maintenance medication”.  After two 30 day fills of a maintenance medication it is mandatory that any subsequent fills be obtained by using the Mail Order Program.

Members may only fill initial 30 day prescriptions at CVS, Target or one of the independent pharmacies listed below in the Narrow Network:

Alixarx - 4727 W Shaw Ave.
BK Pharmacy (Madera)
Brooks Health Care - 5070 N 6th St Ste.169
Community Home infusion - 1630 E Shaw Ave Ste. 172
Family First Pharmacy - 4859 E Kings Canyon Rd.
Fox Drug Store - 3020 San Antonio Dr 
Manor Drugs - 5795 N 1st Street
MixMed Pharmacy - 2101 Herndon Ave Ste. 102
Modern Drug - 3044 Tulare Street
Pharmerica - 4910 E Ashlan Ave #111
Pill Box Pharmacy - 2608 E Ashlan Ave.
Script Life Pharmacy - 255 W Herndon Ave. #101
Walgreens at Valley Children's Hospital

Mail Order Services
Employees and their dependents who routinely take maintenance medication have three options for filling these prescriptions through the Mail Order Program that will save them time and money. CVS Health provides the District with a mail order service that employees can utilize to obtain up to a 100-day supply of medication for the price of a 60-day supply ($18 generic, $60 Preferred Brand Name, and $80 brand name).
Mail Order prescriptions can be filled with the Mail Order Program by completing the Mail Order Prescription Claim Form (link available to the right) and mailing it with your prescription(s) to the Mail Order Program in San Antonio Texas.
For those that prefer a local option, employees and their dependents may also  obtain their maintenance prescriptions at any CVS Pharmacy or Target Pharmacy.
For more information regarding the Mail Order Program please feel free to contact CVS Health at 800.966.5772.
Mail order claim forms and prescriptions should be sent to the following address:

PO BOX 659541
SAN ANTONIO, TX 78265-9541
Prescription Co-Pays

30 Day Supply 

90/100 Day
 Mail Order Supply  




Preferred Brand



Brand Name



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