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Transitioning to Intermediate School (6th to 7th grade)
  • Help students understand the structure of the Intermediate School. They can have a minimum of 5 different teachers with differing expectations.
  • When your student gets their schedule, visit the school before the first day to map out where they will go following the Bell Schedule - 7 period day, Even Block day and Odd Block day.
  • Have your child get involved in the various activities - the school is bigger and there are more students to meet from a variety of backgrounds. Try something new whenever they can.
  • Stay connected through both Student Connect and Parent Connect.
  • Communication works best through e-mail. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
  • “Homework” may look a little different. Students might get a chance to work on it during class time and need to finish at home if they don’t.
  • Know what resources are available at your child’s new school.
  • Habits students develop during intermediate school follow them to the high school, so develop some good ones while you are here.
Transitioning to High School (8th to 9th grade)
  • Have your child attend the Freshman meeting through Link Crew or Activities to learn more about their new school.
  • After your child gets their schedule, take a tour and map out where they will go following the Bell Schedule - 7 period day, Even Block day, and Odd Block day.
  • Have your child try new things and get involved in the variety of activities available to them.
  • Have your child connect with their counselor, they will be there to support them for 4 years.
  • Sit down with your child to discuss goals for the new school year and help them with their decision-making. It is never too early to discuss Post-Secondary options with your child and what their plans might be.
  • Know what resources are available at your child’s new school.
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