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Steps to enroll a child under Employment Based Residence Law:
  1. Download and complete Form 2202
  2. Have your employer sign the form verifying employment
  3. Submit the form with a copy of a current paystub showing a minimum of 10 hours worked per week to: Student Services and School Attendance, 1465 David E. Cook Way, Clovis, CA 93611
California law allows a parent or legal guardian working a minimum of 10 hours per week within the boundaries of Clovis Unified to enroll their child in CUSD.  To enroll a child in Clovis Unified under the Employment Based Residence Law (CA Ed Code 48204) present a complete an Annual Employment Verification Form (Board Policy 2202, Exhibit 6) with a current paycheck stub or business license and lease for office space to the District’s SSSA office.  *Please note that Sierra Unified School District residents must start the process at their home district, all other residents do not need to contact their current district.

For applications submitted before May 1 for the following school year, families will generally receive notice of the enrollment choices available before August 1.  For enrollment requests during the current school year generally, within 1 to 3 weeks, the District will process your application for enrollment.

Once enrollment is authorized, parents/legal guardians may proceed to the approved school to Register.  Please see "Enrollment" for further information.
*Please note: Residents of Sierra Unified School District are not eligible to participate in Employment Based Residence Enrollment at this time as their number of transfers has exceeded state regulations. However, students may pursue a traditional Interdistrict transfer and list "employment" as the reason for the request. 

Current Enrollment Space

Clovis Unified School District is currently balancing resources to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines.  As a result, space is limited to accept new employment based enrollment depending on the school site and/or grade level requested.  In anticipation of a 2021-22 school year, with less COVID-19 concerns, the district anticipates but does not guarantee the following availability:

  • Clovis West High School, Kastner Intermediate School and elementary schools which feed into these schools have space available for employment based enrollment.
  • Clovis North and Granite Ridge have limited space for employment based enrollment.
  • Clovis High Area Elementary Schools have limited space for employment based enrollment.
  • Clovis East Area and Buchanan Area elementary schools are currently unable to accept employment based enrollments.
  • Reyburn/Clovis East High School and Clark/Clovis High School are currently impacted and unable to accept new employment based enrollment.

Please see the boundary map for information on school areas.

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