2020-21 Return to School Health and Safety Plan

Current Status

MARCH 17, 2021:

Return to Campus: We are thrilled to have students back on campus for in-person hybrid instruction at both the elementary and secondary level! Clovis Unified has approximately 21,000 students on campus for in-person hybrid learning, in addition to those who have opted to continue with online learning.

Employee Vaccinations: All Clovis Unified employees choosing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine were provided the opportunity to receive their first dose by mid-March. More information and FAQs can be found on the Vaccinations page.
Athletics: Sports teams have been approved to play by the California Department of Public Health, Fresno County Department of Public Health and CIF as of March 4, providing teams adhere to strict guidelines and requirements. Condensed season information, updates and more can be found on the Co-Curricular & Specialty Programs page.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

On Apr. 7, 2021, the Clovis Unified governing board amended the District’s current COVID-19 Safety Plan, which combines elements of previous plans into the state’s newly-released operating provisions. Click on the links below to see this documentation. The District’s COVID-19 Safety Plan includes both the:

Under Elementary Waiver

Clovis Unified’s Elementary Waiver was approved by Fresno County in October and allows schools to offer in-person instructional options independent of California’s tier. Each CUSD school has customized its timing and process based on parent survey results and school needs.
View Clovis Unified's original waiver submitted to Fresno County below. This waiver was updated on Jan. 27, 2021 as part of the adopted COVID-19 Safety Plan (see above).

View the Parent/Guardian Health and Safety Acknowledgement In-Person Instruction for the 2020-21 School Year below.

The Road to Reopening

As of November 2020, Fresno County COVID conditions have allowed schools to return to in-person instruction with multiple health and safety guidelines in place.

In October, families made the choice between two learning options: Online Learning or On-Campus Hybrid Learning. Clovis Unified employees and leadership worked together to plan for the healthy return of students and staff returning for on-site hybrid instruction, including:

  • Practical implementation of new health and safety protocols
  • Instructional schedules at the elementary and secondary level
  • How transportation and school meals are provided
  • How students move about campus
  • And other elements of the school day
Details about these protocols and procedures can be found on the corresponding pages within this site.

County Conditions Met 14-Days at Tier II

In November 2020, Fresno County met California’s COVID requirements to re-open school campuses grades TK-12, and began a phased re-opening for in-person instruction.

While FCDPH's policy released Jan. 21 supports the continuation of in-person instruction for those students who were attending on-site classes prior to December 18, they have now established as the criteria to return any additional students at any grade level, a case rate in Fresno County of 25 cases per 100,000 population.

When cases in Fresno County reach this figure, we will complete our final phases of student returns.

View Clovis Unified's COVID-19 School Reopening Notification below:

What might prompt a return to online?

With the COVID pandemic still impacting our community, there is the possibility that a temporary return to online learning might be required for students who have already returned to campus. This could happen at a classroom, grade, or school-wide level. We want families to be aware of the process we will be using in the event students must return to distance learning. Please see the infographic links below for additional information.

How can I stay updated?

1. Contact your school or teacher(s) with questions related to current online learning or timing of return to in-person learning

2. Download the Clovis Unified App and follow your school for the latest updates and news.

3. Watch for updates from your school with the latest details on returning to campus.

California COVID-19 Resources

  • State's January 14, 2021 Guidance Document for Schools


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