Campus Catering

Meals for Kids at No Cost Every School Day!

Free meals are available for all children, ages 1-18.  Students returning to campus will get a grab and go meal at the end of the school day.  Online learners and community members ages 1-18 can visit a participating CUSD school for drive-through pick-up every school day from 6:30 am -7:30 am. See below for a complete list of drive-through locations. 

Drive-through Pick-up 6:30 am -7: 30 am

Buchanan High School
Clovis West High School
Clovis High SchoolGateway High School
Clovis East High SchoolClark Intermediate School
Clovis North High SchoolKastner Intermediate School

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are meals free?
A: Yes! Meals are available for any child, ages 1-18.  Children do not need to be enrolled at a Clovis Unified school to access these no-cost meals. 
Q: Where can I get a meal?
A: Whether you're returning to campus, continuing online or not even enrolled in Clovis Unified- Campus Catering has meals for you!  See our Return to Campus Plan for complete details on where you can get your free meals.
Q: How will my elementary student get meals on Wednesday when she is not on campus?
A: Meals are available for drive-through pick up from 6:30 am - 7:30 am at any of our participating locations. See complete list of locations above.
Q: Are you serving breakfast or lunch?
A: Both!  Participating children will receive breakfast AND lunch each day.
Q: Do I need to get out of my vehicle at the drive-through?
A: No.  Campus Catering employees will bring the meal to your car.  Check with your school of choice to determine the precise location of the meal service drive-through. 
Q: Does the child need to be present at the time of drive-through meal pickup?
A: No.  Adults may pick up meals for children. 
Q: Why aren't drive-through meals offered at elementary sites and bus stops after November 20th? 
A: To ensure the safety of students returning to campus, elementary schools will no longer offer drive-through meal service. CUSD buses will no longer be available to distribute meals because they will be busy transporting students to and from school. Distance learners and community members ages 1-18 can still pick up a free meal at any participating intermediate or high school from 6:30 am - 7:30 am, every school day.
Q: Can I get a meal if I am not an enrolled student?
A: Yes. drive-through pickup is available for any child, ages 1-18.
Q: What's on the menu?
A: View menus at  The menu may vary by location.  Breakfast and lunch includes a variety of options that can be heated at home. Check directly with the school you intend to get your meals from for specific daily offerings.  Nutrition information and heating instructions can be found here or on the CUSD app. 
Q: Will additional schools offer meal service in the future?
A: The meal service sites will be reviewed regularly, and pickup locations may be adjusted as needed to support our students. Changes to locations or service times will be posted on this web page.

Our Mission

Campus Catering’s goal is to “Provide quality nutritional programs promoting healthy bodies.”  Campus Catering serves over 4 million meals per school year.  Every school day, over 200 Campus Catering employees serve more than 23,000 delicious student meals.

Campus Catering strives to provide all Clovis Unified School District students, staff and parents with nutritious choices, professional service, a safe and sanitary environment, and an enjoyable dining experience.

Listening to our customers is a vital part of the Campus Catering Department.  Taste tests and focus groups are conducted with students throughout the school year.

As part of Coordinated School Wellness, Campus Catering provides nutrition education and promotes physical activity for students, parents and staff.  Work experience is also provided for California State University, Fresno dietetic interns.

In an effort to support our local economy, we work with local farmers and companies whenever possible.  Some of the local companies we contract with are Producers Dairy, First Quality Produce, La Tapatia and Wawona Frozen Foods.

Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit

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