HR Staff


Contact Information
Clovis Unified District Office
1450 Herndon Avenue
Clovis, CA 93611
(Corner of Herndon and Sunnyside)

Phone: 559-327-9000
Fax: 559-327-9339

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Please note that employees and those interested in becoming a CUSD employee can contact Human Resources directly at 559-327-9300.

If you are looking to contact the District regarding student transfers, please call our Student Services directly at 559-327-9200.

All other student related questions can be addressed at 559-327-9000.

HR Team

Barry Jager – (559) 327-9306
Associate Superintendent –
Human Resources & Employee Relations

Kristina Martinez – (559) 327-9306
Executive Assistant to Barry Jager

Roxanne Braswell – (559) 327-9315
Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources

Stacey Cederquist – (559) 327-9322
Administrative Assistant to Roxanne Braswell

Melissa Manion – (559) 327-9317
Director, Human Resources

Human Resources Specialists

Mark Borjas – (559) 327-9312
HR Specialist – Clovis East Area

Shanonn Hemmingson – (559) 327-9311
HR Specialist – Clovis North Area (Elementary), Language Speech

Megan Hopkins – (559) 327-9316
HR Specialist – Clovis High Area

Brenda Madriz – (559) 327-9309
HR Specialist – Child Development, Maintenance, Campus Club, Campus Catering, Custodial, Grounds

Nancy Porter – (559) 327-9305
HR Specialist – Buchanan Area, School Psychologists

Megan Quillen – (559) 327-9313
HR Specialist – Clovis West Area

Marsha Reyes – (559) 327-9310
HR Specialist – Clovis North Area (Secondary), Credentials

Vanessa Rodriguez – (559) 327-9318
HR Specialist–DO, DO/Sp.Ed., Nursing Services, CART, Community Day, Enterprise, Gateway HS, Online School, Adult Education, Transportation, Warehouse

Human Resources Staff

Lisa Dolan – (559) 327-9314
HR Analyst – Credentials, Teacher Assignments

Christina Azzarello – (559) 327-9307
HR Analyst – Tyler-MUNIS

Dana Parker – (559) 327-9303
HR Systems Operator – Substitutes (Certificated, Classified Business Support), Smart Find Express

Madalen Nevarez – (559) 327-9357
HR Assistant II – Fingerprinting, Volunteer Management, EdJoin Postings-Certificated, Scanning

Emma Haning – (559) 327-9320
HR Assistant I – Front Office, Fingerprinting, Scanning, Badge Requests

Benefits Department

Shareen Crosby – (559) 327-9124
Risk and Benefits Manager – Benefits, Risk Management

Candace Boswell – (559) 327-9125
Benefits Technician – Benefits, Workers’ Compensation

Nicky Skelton – (559) 327-9126
Benefits Assistant – Benefits, Workers’ Compensation

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