Behavioral Health

Clovis Unified School District has contracted with Halcyon Employee Assistance Program and Halcyon Behavioral to provide its employees and their family members covered by the CUSD Health Plan with Employee Assistance and Behavioral Health services.


Halcyon Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is based out of Fresno and is a no cost,  confidential program that is available to CUSD employees and their family members.  The EAP is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by licensed counselors who can provide guidance and referrals to local resources.

Purpose of the Employee Assistance Program
At some point in our lives, each of us faces a problem or situation that is difficult to resolve. When these instances arise, Halcyon will be there to help.  Halcyon EAP is there to help you deal with life’s challenges and the demands that come with balancing home and work.  The program provides confidential, professional counseling for a wide array of personal and work related concerns.

Confidential Counseling Services (3 sessions per person, every six months)
Halcyon Employee Assistance Program provides confidential, professional referrals and face-to-face counseling for a wide array of personal and work-related concerns, such as:

Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Marriage and Relationship Problems, Grief and Loss, Substance Abuse, Legal Services, Anger Management, Work-Related Pressures, Education Guidance, Child Care Referrals, Financial Planning, Elder and Adult Care Referrals, Family Issues, Identity Theft Recovery.

Referrals, Consultation and Other Resources
Whether you are a new parent, a caregiver, selling your home or looking for legal advice, you’re likely to need guidance and referrals to expert resources.  Halcyon’s EAP work-life specialists are ready to help.  The program includes the following work-life services:

Legal Assist – Free telephonic or face-to-face legal consultation
Financial Assist – Expert financial planning and consultation.
Family Assist – Consultation and referral services for daily living issues such as dependent care, auto repair, pet care and home improvement.

Accessing Halcyon Employee Assistance Program Services

Toll-free: 888-425-4800
Login for Patient Web page: cusd


Halcyon Behavioral works with a wide (and growing) network of mental health providers, psychiatric  services, substance abuse programs and facilities to ensure that CUSD employees and dependents covered under the CUSD Health Plan receive quality care that meets their specific needs.

Making that happen begins with a confidential telephone conversation between the member and one of Halcyon’s licensed mental health clinicians, who listens compassionately while assessing his/her needs. At the end of that conversation, Halcyon provides referrals to all appropriate care.

Accessing Halcyon Behavioral Services

Toll-free: 888-425-4800


Transparency in Coverage - Machine Readable Files
The information available on the below link is provided in good faith to comply with the Machine-Readable Files (MRF) provision of the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule (TCFR).  These files are extensive collections of data to be ingested and read by machines and are not intended for member use.  To learn more about the TCFR and the MRF provision, refer to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services page. 
 To learn more about the TCFR and the MRF provision, refer to this Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services page

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