Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the Clovis Unified School District!

Every day the future sits in our classrooms, and as educators, it is our job to unleash the future’s potential. In Clovis Unified, we hold tightly to this understanding, and to the responsibility that comes along with it. At its heart, our job as educators is all about unlocking the potential in our students to become the best that they can be as adults. Our work is about inspiring and equipping tomorrow’s inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists and leaders. If we do that job effectively, then in the future you will share the world with better employees, bigger thinkers, and more responsible neighbors and colleagues.

Out of our knowledge of this responsibility has come our “Clovis Way” a district-wide belief system that rests on core principles that can be found in our name: “Clovis Unified”

The C stands for… 
  • Being committed to our District culture and strong core values.
  • Being champions for all children. We don’t let any child slip through the cracks.
  • Our collaborative working relationships. By sharing ideas we all become better, stronger.
The L stands for…
  • Being life-long learners (students and adults alike).
  • Listening actively; the strength of our vision is tied to our ability to hear one another.
  • Leaving a legacy of excellence in everything we do for generations to come.
The O stands for…
  • Optimizing our resources for organizational excellence. In these tough budget times, we must use all of our resources wisely.
  • Operating with increasing efficiency and effectiveness. This reflects our ability to work smarter and in teams to be more effective.
  • Optimistic goal-setting. We believe in setting the bar high. It’s amazing that when we raise the bar for our kids, they tend to reach it –because of remarkable employees.
The V stands for…
  • Vigorously working to meet the educational needs of every child. Never giving up!
  • Valiantly fighting the war on illiteracy. By helping our children read, they have a chance to succeed in life.
  • Valuing our relationships. Clovis is founded on fostering and maintaining respectful relationships among employees and with our community.
The I stands for…
  • Being innovative in every school and department. We are preparing our students for a world we can’t even envision, so we are constantly seeking new, innovative approaches to connecting with them.
  • Being inclusive of all cultures. We are respectful of our differences and interested in learning what unites us as people.
  • Increasing student academic achievement. This is our primary goal, to help students be a little better every day, every year.
The S stands for…
  • Being student-centered in our decision making. If we base our decisions on what’s best for kids, we’re on the right track.
  • Serving as positive role models. We know that as educators we are held to a higher standard. Our students are watching us and they expect, and deserve, our best efforts.
  • Striving for continuous improvement. This represents our district motto, “Be the best we can be in mind, body, and spirit.” That means children and adults, alike.
Finally, we are unified in our desire to see our students be successful, and in our work to make that happen for every child in Clovis Unified. Thank you for visiting us on the web. We welcome your thoughts on our district, and extend an invitation for you to visit one of our schools or activities any time.

Eimear O’Brien, Ed.D.
Eimear OBrien
Eimear O’Brien, Ed.D.

Contact the Superintendent’s Office at 559-327-9000 or by fax at 559-327-9109

Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit

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