COVID-19 Updates - CUSD Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Contracted/Non-Contracted Employees, Expectations 
Q. Am I supposed to keep working? Will I be paid?
A. Regular contracted employees will continue to be paid and continue to work.  Unfortunately, non-contracted employees (classified and certificated subs or those paid on time sheets) will not be paid unless they are called in for a specific assignment. We recognize that is a hardship for non-contracted employees, and want you to be aware that the Governor has lifted some restrictions for the filing of unemployment claims, and encourage you to visit for additional information as you are likely eligible to file a claim.  If non-contracted employees are needed for work, you will receive a phone call from the district, at which time you would need to inform EDD you are working again.  We know that this is a challenging time for you, and look forward to the chance to work with you again when on-site instruction continues and sub jobs become available.  The District will be posting regular updates on  Every individual CUSD employee should have received a phone call Monday, March 16 about their pay status. 
Q. I am a regularly contracted employee. What are the expectations for my work during the shelter-in-place guideline effective Thursday, March 19, 2020?
A. On Wednesday, March 18, the City of Fresno announced that from 12:01 a.m., Thursday, March 19 to 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, March 31, 2020, they ask that all residents follow a shelter in place guideline (with many exceptions) as they work to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  The City of Clovis has indicated that they will not at this time issue a similar order as they continue to follow the guidelines provided by Fresno County Health Department.  We recognize that this could change at any time and are making the following adjustments to work assignments as a result.
This order will still allow for the pick-up of groceries, visits to the doctor, going to the bank, and completing the work that is needed to continue these and other essential services (like distance learning, paying our employees, and providing food service to our students).

It is extraordinarily important for our team to understand that we are engaged in “essential work” under the Governor’s Executive Order and Fresno County’s Shelter in Place Guidance, this includes anyone who continues to work remotely and/or on-site, unless you are on a leave of absence (as defined in yesterday’s staff update). 

We recognize that this is a time of high anxiety for everyone, and ask that you remain calm and strong for our students and our community.  Our leadership team is meeting this afternoon in the wake of this announcement to develop clear direction for our employees who will be called on to keep these essential functions available for our students, employees and community.  

As of today, the following chart should answer your questions about the immediate need for certain employees to continue to work to provide essential meals, distance learning and finance. All employees not involved in the delivery of essential functions who can work remotely are asked to do so beginning Thursday, March 19, 2020 (see chart below).

During delivery of essential functions of the district we will observe social distancing guidelines and follow other recommendations to maintain the health and safety of our employees. 

As of March 19, 2020


Site and District Office Administrators

Continue work to provide essential on-site services


Budget and Finance

Campus Catering


Facilities Division (Grounds, Custodial, Maintenance, Construction, etc.)
Print Shop/Graphic Arts 
Police Services




Report on site as directed by your supervisor to conduct essential services


Adult School Teachers

Activities Director

Athletic Directors

Clerical at Sites


Clovis Online School

DO Complex Clerical and Specialist Staff

Human Resources

Intervention Teachers

Language Speech Specialists


Program Specialists

School Psychologists

Sierra Outdoor School Staff

SOS Teachers

SSSA Staff


Teacher Librarians

Transition Coordinators



Work remotely and on-call to conduct distance learning and essential services

Q. I am a non-contracted employee (eg. sub or paid on a timesheet). Will I get paid for days I was already scheduled?
A. Non-contracted employees will be paid for days worked, but not days that were scheduled after schools were closed. 
Q. Why are we still working?
A. It is extraordinarily important for our team to understand that we are engaged in “essential work” under the Governor’s Executive Order and Fresno County’s Shelter in Place Guidance, this includes anyone who continues to work remotely and/or on-site, unless you are on a leave of absence.  We recognize that this is a time of high anxiety for everyone, and ask that you remain calm and strong for our students and our community. As our community reopens we will be an important part of the government structures that allow our community to return to work.

Q. What if I am expected to report on site but do not feel comfortable doing so? Do I have to use my sick leave?
A. As of today, we continue to encourage our Clovis Unified team to take care of yourselves and our students during a time of high anxiety and disruption in their lives.  We respect every employee’s need to make personal health decisions. Anyone who can work remotely from home may feel free to do so, and if you prefer to go on paid leave please contact your immediate supervisor to arrange coverage for your position.  We have received additional clearance to allow self-isolating leaves to be completed without any impact to existing sick leave balances. 
However, in the coming weeks as businesses reopen and local and state orders change or end, employees will be expected to return to their work sites.  It is likely that by mid-June we will be returning employees to work sites.  More information about what that will look like, and the safety protocols/guidelines that will be in place are under development by our return to work/campus committee and will be shared well before employees return to work locations.

Employees who wish to continue to self-isolate may consider making use of the Family First Corona Response Plan leave accommodations. Please contact HR at 559-327-9320 if you have any questions.

Q. When will year-round employees return to working on-site?
A. Returns to work and school sites are being reviewed carefully.  Many people are starting to return while adhering to the safety protocols outlined by the department of public health. A schedule is being created with more staff returning by mid-June and additional details will be forthcoming by the end of May.


Q. Will paychecks for contracted employees still be issued on the usual dates?
A. Yes, Payroll is expected to continue as regularly scheduled.

Q. Will CUSD employees be taking a pay cut for 2020-2021? (I have heard the Governor say that state employees will be taking a 10% pay cut.)
A. There is no plan to cut salaries for the 2020-21 school year. Stipends, overtimes, etc. are being reviewed and may be affected this year. We will know more as we review all options to meet the potential $30 million funding reduction to CUSD.  In our history, we have not used layoffs or employee compensation reductions as a first response to budget reductions and we do not intend to start now.  Our first work to reduce expenses will focus on non-employee related parts of our operating budget.

Q. When will specific cuts to school sites or department budgets be announced?
A. Schools have been informed of the reductions and other departments are looking at a potential of 10-20% reductions. Exact amounts are still being finalized and you will be notified as soon as possible.  
Q. Will my family and I still be covered by our CUSD health plan?
A. Yes.  At this time, there are no changes to CUSD employees and their dependents.

Q. Is the CUSD Employee Health Center still open?
A. Yes.  Clovis Unified School District and its Employee Health Center run by miCare is committed to caring for our employees during this difficult time and providing safe access to health care.  Please watch for messages from miCare that will be sent to you through your account in the online miCare patient portal.   miCare will prioritize appointments for patients who have more urgent, acute, or chronic conditions which require immediate care.  Non-urgent and wellness visits will continue to be scheduled, or rescheduled, but there will be fewer time slots allocated for these types of visits. miCare will schedule well visits and safe visits at separate times of the day so there is no crossover between these patients. Also, staffing will be scheduled so that different miCare teams will be on duty for sick and well visits. If you have an upcoming wellness visit, either office or lab, you may receive a call from the staff at the Health Center to reschedule that appointment to a more appropriate time.  The miCare staff will evaluate appointment schedules on a daily basis to maintain a high level of patient care while minimizing exposure to our patients and the providers.

Q. How does this affect my CALSTRS or CALPERS years of service?
A. Please  call CALSTRS or CALPERS directly with any questions you may have.

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