Dress Code Enforcement

What to Expect with Dress Code Enforcement

Our Goal:
Healthy & safe learning environments where students can be their best in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Purpose of Our Dress Code:
  • Support Student Safety
  • Promote Health & Hygiene
  • Prepare Students for Their Future
  • Establish a Learning Environment Focused on Education

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When the dress code is being enforced in Clovis Unified, students, parents and staff can expect:

1)Expectations Communicated Clearly and Frequently Through Various Methods (e.g. meetings, websites, student and parent groups, fliers, etc.)
2)Consistent Enforcement with All Students
3)Identification of Violations Early in the School Day or Activity
4)Minimal Time Out of Class
5)Immediate Action if the Violation is Extreme and/or Presents a Safety or Health Risk Parents Notified of Specific Violation and Outcome
6)Parents Notified of Specific Violation and Outcome

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Students: Expect Enforcement to Be...
1.  Discreet
Whenever possible, violations will be addressed confidentially.
2.  Specific
You'll simply be told exactly what isn't in compliance.
3.  Without Physical Contact
Your personal space will be respected.
4.  Specific Staff for Unique Questions
Specially trained staff will address unique situations or questions of interpretation.
Staff Members Are:
  • Supported by a team of school leaders who assist when needed
  • Annually trained on dress code & enforcement plan
  • Regularly reviewing practices to support positive student interactions
Parents Can Help:
Talk to your kids about the dress code & ensure it is followed.

Extreme dress code violations and/or those posing an immediate risk to health or safety:
  • Parents have option to bring compliant clothes
  • School staff can offer clean, school-issued clothes in dress code
  • A student may need to wait in office until dress code violation is resolved.
Education Code and State Statutes & Regulations Give Authority to Governing Boards to Establish and Enforce a Dress Code.
(Ed Code 35183, Section 302 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations)

Complete Board Policy & Administrative Regulation 5132 available here.

Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit

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