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CSI: Clovis Support & Intervention

What is CSI?

Everyone faces challenges. Whether it is building friendships, adjusting to a new school, dealing with family changes or working through the loss of a loved one, CSI groups support students in every circumstance. 

CSI is an 8-week, confidential, educational support group that focuses on listening and communication skills, empathy, coping skills, acceptance and supporting others.  Adult facilitators are certified to create a safe, positive, confidential environment that is supportive but not counseling or therapy.  Facilitators guide students in gaining hope, support and tools to navigate successfully in various areas of their life. Students are expected to make up the work missed during a class period, but can work collaboratively with their teachers to ensure they do not fall behind in class.

CSI aims to equip students with tools that will help them grow as an individual, accomplish their goals and face challenges positively in the future. CSI addresses those important decisions and helps students make valuable connections with peers and trained staff for support along the way.

Who is CSI for?

Any student can benefit from the support, connection, communication, coping and listening skills gained in CSI support groups. Over 275 groups took place last year across the CUSD district in K-12 schools, supporting approximately 2100 students!

CSI Coordinators 2019-2020

 Area   School  CSI Site Coordinator  
   BHS  Bryan Franks  
   Alta Sierra Marcy Zunich 
   Century  Lainie Esquivel  
   Cole  Sherri Johnson 
   Dry Creek Michelle Merrill  
   Garfield  Tamara Riley 
   Tarpey  Brandi Duncan 
   Woods  Sara Harper  
  CEHS  Derrick Davis  
   Reyburn  Caren Burgess  
   Boris  Jennifer Mersino 
   Fancher Creek Christina Luna 
   Freedom  Patti Bernardi 
   Miramonte  Sue Hamilton 
   Oraze  Jamie Brew 
    Reagan  Sabrina Mendez  
    TK  Melissa Stafford  
   CHS  Katy Habib  
   Clark  Estevan Reyes 
   Cedarwood  Dianne Hall  
   Clovis Elem Jill Harold  
   Gettysburg  Beth Walker  
   Jefferson TBD 
   Mickey Cox  Leesa Lee  
   Red Bank Stacy Mc Manus 
   Sierra Vista  Tammy Adrian  
   Weldon  Sarah Gottfried  
  CNHS  Laura Quall  
   Granite Ridge Nicole Torres 
   Bud Rank Rachel Campbell  
   Copper Hills TBD 
   Fugman  Taryn Graham  
   Mountain View Anthony Zuniga  
   Riverview  Stan Holt  
  CWHS  Anita Giannobile  
   Kastner  Debbie Monroe 
   Fort Washington Sheila Cobb  
   Liberty  Stephanie Patterson  
   Lincoln  Colleen Garrigan  
   Maple Creek Lori Kuipers  
   Nelson  Nanxe Vang  
   Pinedale  Lori Garcia 
   Valley Oak Loretta French  
  Gateway  Denise Sandifer  
   CCDS  Denise Sandifer 
   Clovis Online Dianne Kapigian 
   Enterprise  Dianne Kapigian  
   CART  Tina Chandler  

How to sign up or refer:

  • Talk to any teacher or CUSD Staff member on your campus and fill out a CSI Referral form so they can refer you or your child.or
  • Contact the CSI Site Coordinator at your school site

For more information, contact Cheryl Kurtze - CSI Coordinator

**Referrals made after March 1st will be placed on a waitlist for fall of the following school year. 

How does CSI work?

  • Voluntary program where students may be invited, referred or selected to participate
  • Parent permission is required 
  • Confidential
  • Small group setting of 6-10 peers & 2 trained adult facilitators
  • Approximately 45-minute sessions per week for 8 weeks-during the school day, lunch or class time
  • Structured groups, guided by scripted curriculum.
  • Groups are made up of peers facing similar challenges


CSI Goals

  • Develop listening and communication skills
  • Learn problem-solving strategies
  • Increase a student's confidence
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Gain support through challenges
  • Build relationships 
  • Feel more connected at school
  • Empathize, accept and support others
  • Gain hope and tools to navigate successfully in all areas of life 

Benefits of CSI

Students Reported: 

  • Meaningful Connections with Peers & Adults
    • 90% know who and where to go for help

  • Interpersonal Relationship Skills
    • 86% feel better about coming to school

  • Communicating Feelings Effectively & Appropriately
    • 85% can communicate and express their feelings in a more positive way

  • Social & Emotional Learning
    • 73% pay attention and focus better in school

  • Support Through Trauma & Crisis Recovery
    • 88% feel supported and understood in their life challenges

  • Self Reflection
    • 84% like and accept themselves in new ways

  • Assertiveness
    • 84% feel more confident in life and school

  • Team Building
    • 94% reported that participating in their CSI group was beneficial and enjoyable

  • Positive Coping Skills
    • 88% have more hope for their future

  • Problem Solving 
    • 84% reported they are more confident in dealing with problems and challenges

  • Self-Control
    • 91% reported they think about making better choices

  • Goal Setting
    • 74% reported improving their overall academic goals

Statistics taken from student survey.


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