White, electric golf utility vehicle. As Clovis Unified School District (CUSD) continues to grow, so do the demand for alternate forms of on-site transportation.  Power Industrial Trucks (PIT) has now become an integral part of CUSD’s daily operation. We currently have more than 800 employee and volunteers operating more than 160 PIT vehicles throughout the district. 

 To promote safety and ensure district compliance of both state and federal regulations, the CUSD Transportation Department not only maintains an inventory of all PIT vehicles but, coordinates driver training as well.

Prior to operating a CUSD PIT vehicle, all District employees and volunteers must first receive “Operator Safety Training.” This training includes classroom and or online instruction and successful completion of both a written and driving skills test.  Successful candidates will be issued a PIT Operators Permit – valid for no more than three years from date of completion.  To maintain a PIT operators permit, the Operator Safety Training must be repeated every three years.  Records of training must be maintained by both the Transportation PIT Coordinator and employees’ site supervisor.

If your department intends to purchase or rent a PIT vehicle, please contact the CUSD Transportation Department Vehicle Control Technician, Tom Lopez at  327-9668 or tomlopez@cusd.com .   All PIT vehicles must be approved and specific documentation (and training) completed BEFORE a PIT vehicle can be placed into service.   

All powered industrial trucks shall be operated and maintained in accordance with Board Policy No. 8501. For additional information see the CUSD PIT Handbook.