In Clovis Unified, we believe in educating the whole child in mind, body and spirit. Our students are encouraged to participate outside of the classroom in co-curricular activities including clubs, performing arts, sports and academic teams. Determination, teamwork and guidance make for a powerful combination that produces incredible results for our students.
In the 2017-18 school year, numerous CUSD teams achieved top accolades for their endeavors while also learning the value of striving for what initially may seem impossible.
In Clovis Unified, we believe in our students and believe anything is possible if they set their minds and actions to it. Here are some of the highlights of student achievements:


96% Approve
Parents feel CUSD schools provide a quality education that promotes academic student success. 
Source: 2017-18 SART Survey 

10% Gains
Since the new state testing method began in 2014-15, Clovis Unified has had close to a 10 percent increase in student math and English/language art scores. 
Source: California Department of Education 

18% Higher
The district’s state test results have been an average of 18 percent higher than state averages over the last four years. 
Source: California Department of Education 

“Maximize achievement for ALL students.” 
Source: CUSD Governing Board’s No. 1 Strategic Plan Aim

Ethan and Mr. Paulson

Ethan “I believe every child is capable to give their absolute best. If they do that, they will reach their personal best academically,” says Reagan Elementary sixth-grade teacher Brad Paulson.

Paulson is among the top teachers this past year in Clovis Unified whose classes saw significant gains in state test scores. And one of his students, Ethan Fernandez, achieved the highest growth – 344 points! – in state math scores out of all elementary students
in the district.

“His is one of the biggest transformations I have ever seen in a kid,” says Paulson, who gives Ethan all the credit for his success and hard work. Ethan’s proud parents, Jennifer and Michael, however, give the credit right back. They say Ethan’s success is also due to the high expectations, compassion, dedication and supportive nature of Mr. Paulson and many among the Reagan Elementary staff.

Ethan is on the autism spectrum and was non-verbal until he was 4 years old. Even before pre-kindergarten, Reagan Elementary staff responded quickly with school psychologists and specialists to help him in his development. Then in fourth grade, Ethan experienced a terrible loss with the passing of his sister. It was very hard on him and he struggled the next year. The Reagan team continued to rally around him. 

“They provided the nurturing environment he needed. The principal and his teachers were backing him and were willing to do whatever it took to help him,” says mom Jennifer. “And when he got into Mr. Paulson’s class, it was just the right fit.  I think it was a God thing.”

Paulson says he deliberately challenges his students daily and works to build their confidence within themselves. With math, he believes the key to learning is to hold his students’ attention and to keep them engaged. He uses teaching strategies that include group work and support systems, and in Ethan’s case, it was exactly what he needed.

“I paid attention because of the way he taught. I like math,” Ethan says. “[Mr. Paulson] is the kind of teacher any kid should want.”

Says Ethan’s mom, “We can’t say enough praise for Clovis Unified because from Day 1, we were thinking Ethan wouldn’t be mainstreamed. Now he is mainstreamed and on his way to graduation. It’s incredible.”

Stories like Ethan’s and Mr. Paulson’s happen across the district, and together become the foundation for Clovis Unified’s growing student achievement.

Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit

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