Our State Test Scores*:
73% ELA
59% Math

Out of the 20 largest school districts in California, Clovis Unified has the highest English/language arts scores and second highest math scores. 
Sources for this publication: California Department of Education, 2018-19 SART Survey, 2018-19 Climate Survey, 2018-19 Student Survey, CUSD LCAP *Statewide scores were not available as of presstime. Historically, Clovis Unified’s scores have been an average of 18% higher than the state average. 
In Clovis Unified, we believe in educating the whole child in mind, body and spirit. Our students are encouraged to participate outside of the classroom in co-curricular activities including clubs, performing arts, sports and academic teams. Determination, teamwork and guidance make for a powerful combination that produces incredible results for our students.
In Clovis Unified, we believe in our students and believe anything is possible if they set their minds and actions to it. Here are some of the highlights of student achievements:



Officer with students
  • Clovis Unified has 16 sworn police officers who are POST – Police Officer Standards and Training—certified. On average, they each have 22 years of previous law enforcement experience.
  • 95% of students say safety procedures are clearly communicated. 
  • Every CUSD secondary campus has a dedicated officer. A team of officers serve the elementary schools.
  • Every school has 16 to 32 security cameras strategically located; has a comprehensive school-site safety plan; and requires visitors and volunteers to check in the front office and be screened using the Raptor system.


89% of students, teachers and parents say campuses have a safe, secure environment. 


kids under parachutes
  • Co-curricular activities are an integral part of a student’s educational experience, helping them maximize their full potential as they expand their interests, talents and life skills. 
  • 85% of parents say students are involved in sports, performing arts or clubs on their campus. 
  • Elementary school children can participate in Oral Interpretation, Destination Imagination, Robotics, Science Fair, drama, cheer and sports, just to name a few. At the secondary level, opportunities abound with schools having dozens of clubs, music
    and performing arts groups, plus a wider range of sports and academic teams.


“It’s just a really good feeling being on a team and being together.” 

Lillian Hammerstrom
Clovis High band member 


Kids and Teacher
  • Clovis Unified has a pro-active Wellness Support System that includes Clovis Support and Intervention (CSI), Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS), Behavior Consultation Team (BCT), Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Suicide Prevention and Social-Emotional Support Providers.
  • ALL means ALL as our district and community work through Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC) to ensure a positive learning experience for every student through culturally relevant teaching, inclusive curriculum and multiple levels of cultural proficiency.
  • Secondary campuses provide academic counselors, tutoring, and college and career centers. Other resources are offered through Supplemental Services and Special Education departments.
  • Each high school has Unified Sports, where general and special ed athletes compete together.


92% of students say their school is a welcoming place. 


kids looking into microscope
  • Twenty Career Technical Education pathways are offered to high school students that include everything from construction and engineering to agriculture and medical services.
  • Clovis Unified high schools have 27 Advanced Placement classes that provide students college level instruction. 4,751 AP tests were taken by Clovis Unified students for college credit with a passage rate of 70.9%.
  • CART, the Center for Advanced Research and Technology, has 14 CTE capstone programs for high school juniors and seniors.


96% Parents feel CUSD provides a quality education that  promotes academic student success.


Kids looking in magnafier
ELA       Math
+13%       +9%
Clovis Unified scores have increased every year on state assessments in math and English/language arts since the state’s new testing methods began five years ago.
  • Out of the 20 largest school districts in California Clovis Unified has the highest English/language arts scores and second highest math scores.
  • Using the California School Dashboard gives our administrators and teachers indicators of student performance that assist in fine-tuning lessons and the learning process. The California Department of Education uses various data points to show performance and change year over year in a quick-look, color-coded dashboard. CUSD hit green and blue indicators in 5 of
    6 categories measured by the state. Visit https://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/ac/cm/ for complete results.


Kids looking at book
  • Physical Education is included in students’ class schedules every year through high school. 
  • Clovis Unified students consistently score twice the state average in the Healthy Fitness Zone scores that involve six areas of physical fitness. 
  • Clovis Unified Campus Catering pilots new dining options routinely, monitoring nutrition as well as taste. It also keeps the
    district’s bread kitchen busy making rolls and breads, and controlling ingredients with healthful choices.


91% Parents say schools have a positive environment. 

Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit

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