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Schedule changes that affect your child’s attendance may be made by calling the Child Development office at 327-9160.  Schedule changes are due by the 20th of each month for the proceeding month (Exception: August schedule changes due by August 10th, January schedule changes by December 15th).  Reminders of schedule change dates are printed on your monthly bill.


Fee-Based Services: Your child must be contracted for a minimum number of sessions equal to 6 hours per week.  The Early Release Wednesdays is allowed to be a stand alone program (if combined with any other program you must meet the 6 hour per week minimum).

Fee-Waiver Services (ELOP): Your child must attend at least 3 days per week of the program selected. For example, if you would like to attend before school program, you must attend at least 3 days in the morning. If you would also like to attend after school program, you would need to attend at least 3 days in the after school program as well. 


Fee-Based Services: Parents picking up children beyond program end times will be charged a late pick-up fee. The charges will appear on your next month’s statement. Please see "Fees" page for a detail of charges. Please keep in mind that excessive late pick-ups can result in your child being dropped from program. 

Fee-Waiver Services: Late fees are not charged if your child has a fee-waiver.  Due to this, excessive late pick-ups may result in your child being dropped from program.

One (1) late pick-up over 30 minutes will be considered the equivalent of two (2) late pick-ups for the year. If your child is not picked up within 30 minutes after closing time, and we are unable to reach you or anyone on your approved emergency/release contact list, we will have to notify Child Protective Services or local authorities and ask them to pick up your child 


Enrollment in program is a privilege. Therefore, adherence to the regulations in the Expanded Learning Parent Handbook and Application/Contract is mandatory. Services may be terminated at any time for the following reasons:
  1. Eight (8) late pick-ups in one school year for fee-based services or five (5) late pick-ups in one school year for fee-waived services.
  2. Allowing 30 days to pass without making payment in full.
  3. Disruptive/unsafe behavior.
  4. Failure to notify the site of non-attendance.
  5. Abuse of services (i.e., failure to sign in and/or out) or unscheduled attendance.
  6. Low program enrollment.
If you wish to terminate services for your child, a one (1) week notice is required. You must call our office at 327-9160. You are liable for any monies due on your child’s account.


Attendance is important for students to fully benefit from our program. Students who are accepted into program and do not attend scheduled days or have excessive absences will be dropped from program. 


Expanded Learning Club operates at all Clovis Unified Elementary School sites and are contingent upon minimum enrollment criteria, facility availability, and hiring of qualified personnel.


The dress code established by the CUSD for all students, applies to students participating in Expanded Learning Programs. Click here for the CUSD dress code. 


The safety of your child is our primary goal. The following is an outline of the Expanded Learning Club (ELC) accountability system:

  • Pick up/Drop off: Parents are responsible to sign students in upon arrival to program and sign students out when they are picked up to go home. During the school day, TK/Kindergarten students will be taken to or picked up from their class by ELC staff. Students in grades 1st - 6th must report to the designated ELC check-in area immediately after the dismissal bell. Attendance for all students will be taken by ELC staff. 
  • All absences must be verified by the school attendance office or an authorized adult. If your child will not be attending the ELC for any reason, please call the site portable to report the absence. 
  • Students participating in on-site extra-curricular activities (sports practice, club meetings, etc.) must check-in with ELC first. 
  • Any student that fails to show up to program at check-in and/or their absence cannot be verified by the school office or authorized adult, it may result in a report to the local authorities as a “missing child”.
  • Please have identification ready upon pick-up of your student. Your child will not be released to any adult not included on your emergency/release contact list. It must be in writing and authorized by the enrolling parent.
  • Students are only authorized to sign in or out if a Release of Liability form is completed by the enrolling parent. This form is also used for any person under 18 picking up the student from the ELC.
  • Please make sure that your Expanded Learning Program school site always has your correct address and telephone numbers. You may update your information at any time at the site by requesting a Site Change Form from the site lead. 
  • ELC staff supervises students at all times, including transitions from one area or portable to another.
  • ELC staff maintains safety headcounts of the students in program every twenty minutes.


Illness: Parents will be contacted if their student becomes ill during program. It is the expectation that parents must pick up their student within 30 minutes. The following guidelines will be used to determine if your child will be excluded from program due to illness.
  • A fever of one hundred (100) degrees, or has had one in the past 24 hours.
  • A constant cough, wheezing, nasal discharge, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Symptoms of a communicable condition.
Health Concerns: Students with existing health conditions must be reported to the school health office and ELC staff. 

Medication: Students are not allowed to carry medication on the school grounds. Students who need inhalers need to follow the protocol set up by CUSD by having a Medication Authorization form on file with the health office.  ELC staff are not trained to administer medication to students.  All medication must be dispensed by the school health office prior to coming to ELC.


ELC staff make every effort to ensure the safety of your student. However, minor to serious accidents may occur during program. ELC staff will apply first aid in minor cases. Emergency services will be contacted when appropriate. Parents will always be contacted when an injury occurs. 


As a student in CUSD and a member of Expanded Learning Club, your student has certain responsibilities. Your student will be held accountable for the choices he/she makes during program time. ELC adheres to the CUSD discipline policy.

It is important for your student to understand and accept the following personal responsibilities:
  • Report to ELC immediately after school.
  • Follow all school and program rules.
  • Respect other people and their property.
  • Be responsible to clean up after yourself.


To best meet the needs of students in program, we expect parents to share pertinent information with the site lead. Health concerns should also be shared with the school health office staff. 

Each program portable has a "Parent Wall" that will provide program information. The site lead is available during the afterschool program to help answer specific questions or concerns. Parents are also encouraged to contact the Child Development Office (559) 327-9160. 

In addition to your site lead, the following supervisor and administrators can be of assistance when needed: 
  • Program Supervisor (Child Development Office)
  • ELC Coordinator (Child Development Office)
  • Assistant Director (Child Development Office)
  • Director of Child Development (Child Development Office)


This policy promotes mutual respect, civility and orderly conduct among District employees, parents and the public. Members of the CUSD staff will treat parents with respect and expect the same in return.


All Expanded Learning Club staff are child-care custodians and are mandated reporters inclusive of public school employees.


Expanded Learning Club provides a variety of activities. If an item is used for “sharing” during the school day, the student must keep the item in his/her backpack while at ELC. Students are asked to not bring toys or games from home unless prior permission is given by site staff.

Cell Phones: The cell phone policy established by the CUSD Board of Trustees for all students applies to students participating in ELC. Students are allowed to keep cell phones in their backpacks turned off while at ELC.

ELC is not responsible for damaged or stolen personal items.


Your cancelled check, payment, receipt or monthly statement will act as a record for tax purposes. Amounts reported for childcare for year-end tax purposes are the responsibility of the individual.   Keep your monthly statements to track your yearly costs. Child Development does not provide a year end tax statement.

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