Related Services

  • Audiologist: Audiological services provide the appropriate fit and function of amplification and/or assistive listening devices for students in the academic setting. Consultation and support services are provided (per individual IEPs) to the staff for the benefit of the student.

  • Auditory Therapist: The auditory therapist provides auditory training to develop receptive language and listening skills in a 1:1 therapy setting with D/HH children. The therapist collaborates directly with teachers and parents to promote audition skills within the classroom and home setting. The emphasis is on maximizing a child’s residual hearing and the ability to use it (students with cochlear implants).

  • Behavior Intervention:  School Psychologists, the Behavior Consultation Team (BCT) and Behavioral Services who collaborate with the IEP team to address behavior that interferes with a student’s learning or the learning of others. Assessment is conducted in order to understand the cause(s) of interfering behaviors. The IEP team develops and implements a plan that incorporates positive behavior supports and strategies.

  • Braillist: Our CUSD Braillist provides a transcription service to our students who are blind/visually impaired to convert materials from print to United English Braille (UEB).  Braille services may include production of braille textbooks, homework, quizzes, tests, worksheets, or anything necessary for instruction in all subject areas.

  • Educationally Related Mental Health: Educationally Related Mental Health services are provided by licensed clinicians, clinical interns, or school psychologists with the intention to help eligible students in the areas of academic achievement and personal and social development.  Services can include helping students in developing self-knowledge, making effective decisions, learning healthy choices and improving responsibility in order to attain academic goals and develop a positive attitude toward learning.

  • Health/Nursing: Health/Nursing Services include consultation with parents and staff and/or direct monitoring health-related services as specified by the student’s individual IEP. The school nurse collaborates with parents and staff to develop emergency procedures and appropriate on-site training for staff.

  • Itinerant Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHOH): The deaf and hard of hearing specialist reviews a current audiological evaluation and determines if the hearing loss significantly impacts the student’s learning. If the student is eligible for deaf and hard of hearing services, the IEP team determines the appropriate amount of support and/ or direct instruction that will be provided within the general education setting.

  • Itinerant Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI):  Once a student is determined to be blind or partially sighted through an optometrist or ophthalmologist exam, an itinerant teacher provides access to the curriculum for the VI students through the provision of assistive technology, collaborating with all staff. The VI teacher provides direct services, braille instruction, or consultation services as determined by individual IEPs. These services are provided within the general education setting.

  • Language & Speech Services: Language and Speech services are provided at all comprehensive sites. Language/Speech Specialists provide quality, educationally-based language/speech services for assessment and treatment of all eligible students. These services may include direct intervention, collaboration, and/or consultation with parents, educational team members, and outside agencies.

  • Occupational Therapy (OT):  Educationally based Occupational Therapy (OT) addresses the perceptual motor development of the necessary foundational skills that children must have in order to access and progress in their individualized education program.

  • Orientation & Mobility (O&M): Orientation and Mobility specialists instruct students who are visually impaired in the development of skills and knowledge that enable them to travel independently to the highest degree possible, based on assessed needs and the students’ IEP.

  • Physical Therapy (PT): For children with orthopedic impairments, the educational Physical Therapist (PT) may help plan, implement, and monitor instructional programs addressing the development of fine and gross motor skills, postural adaptations and ability to complete schoolwork. PTs address safety of students and school staff by monitoring equipment used by students, as well as provide training to staff in the proper lifting and physical management skills that involve the safety of both the student and school staff.

  • Psychological Services: School psychologists provide consultation with students and staff regarding school related issues and are part of the school assessment team. School psychologists may also facilitate support groups for loss, grief, anger management, etc. They are also available to support in linking students and families with appropriate community resources.

  • Transportation: Transportation is a related service on a student’s IEP. The IEP teams determine whether or not a student may require home- to- school transportation within district boundaries and is not able to access the General Education transportation due to one of the four following reasons:  Orthopedic impairments; Severe emotional disturbance or serious medical needs; Severe developmental delays; Appropriate programs unavailable at home school.  Clovis Unified uses its own buses to transport eligible students.

  • Adapted Physical Education (APE): addresses the significant delays in loco motor and object control skills, as well as body and spatial awareness that could possibly keep the student from full participation in General Education P.E.    Adapted PE specialists provide a continuum of PE services; direct instruction PE services (aligned with state PE standards), collaborate or co-teach with general education PE instructor, consult with teachers on adapting or modifying PE activities, or consult on Specially Designed PE activities with special education teachers.
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