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Anchors Tutorial

What are Anchors: Anchors allow users to click a link placed on the page that takes them to another location on that same page. They are used on our very own resource page here at the top of this webpage. 


Building Grade Level Academic Resource Pages

I communicating with Curriculum and Instruction to see what we will be providing district wide and the best ways to make this accessible to all of our students. So far, curriculum decisions are being made by school sites and at the area level.

Some school sites have decided to move forward with grade level pages. Please view the video below with directions on how to do this on your websites. There is also a chunk of code mentioned which is available below for you to copy and paste into your source code area of a Text Window (similar to iframing).

This tutorial is primarily for Elementary schools. Secondary already had department specific pages in place that can be alterred. Please feel free to use these principals from this video to get creative and meet the needs of our students.

Replacing Enroll Links

Several websites still have the old enroll link in these locations:
  • Elementary Schools: Under Parents and under Resources 
  • Secondary Schools: Under Students & Parents

You must replace the link in the General tab for page settings AND in the dropdown. Remember these function differently.

Adding New Pages/Dropdown Menu (2019 Advanced Webinar)

Adding new pages and adding them to the dropdown menu. 
This video is from our Fall 2019 Advanced Webinar. 

Embedding Videos on Your Website


Force Syncing for School Calendars

For School Webmaster Only and C,I, & A Calendaring 

Website PDF Tutorials


Policy on Disclosure of Student Information on District Web sites

The following provisions address the disclosure of student information, posting student created material, and posting pictures of students on the District Web pages or District branded pages. 

  1. Group pictures without identification of individual students are permitted without parent approval.

  2. For students in elementary and intermediate school, if parents have given permission to release information, the following standards apply: 
    1. Students will use a limited student identification (first name and last initial), or alternatively, first name only.
    2. Student work may be posted with the limited student identification.
    3. All student posted work will contain the student’s copyright notice using the limited student identification.

  3. For students in high school, parents may approve either the elementary/middle school standards or the following standards:
    1. Students may be identified by their full name.
    2. Group or individual pictures of students with student identification are permitted without specific parental approval.
    3. Student work may be posted with student name.


Administrative Regulation No. 7203 (continued) CLOVIS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Page 5 of 10 d. All student posted work will contain the student’s copyright notice including the student’s name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What internet browser works best for editing our websites?
  • Use Google Chrome! Internet Explorer has proved to have the most problems when trying to log into the websites.
How long should it take for my calendar to update when making a change or creating an event in SchoolDude?
  • This process can take about 5 minutes to update a change or a new event on the website.
  • If it has not updated, try syncing your website. If it has been a lengthy amount of time, please emiail [email protected] with the SchoolDude Event ID and the correct information of the event that you are trying to see on the website or app. Tutorial HERE >>
What are the black bars that appear on an internal webpage?
  • These bars are only visible by the person logged in to edit the page. The public CANNOT see them.
  • Each black bar indicates a separate component. If you only have text on your page, you might ony have one Text Window component, and therefore, one black bar. If you have several components on the page, you will have several black bars. 
  • The words inside the black bar indicate the "Internal Name." Only an editor of the website can see them. They are used to keep your website component organized so when you are in Edit Page view where it lists all components used, you can clearly see which component is which. You may have multiple of the same type of component throughout various locations on a page, so lableing these is helpful.


How do I add a PDF file to my webpage? **Most common mistake

  •  A PDF file (or Word Document/PowerPoint presentation, etc) must be added through a Downloads component. Frequent mistakes include trying to add a file to a Text Window component. See Tutorial: How to add a PDF file >>


What are the image pixel sizes?

  • Thumbnail Size: 150-200 px
    • Good for staff page photos! 
  •  Half the width of a page: 400-600 px
    • Great for posters and flyers.
    • Most common for images of students or events happening on campus. 
  • Full width of a page: 800 px 
    • Good for horizonal page banners (wide, but not tall images)


My calendar on my homepage is not reflecting all the events listed in SchoolDude, what can I do?

  • Make sure the evens you're wanting to show up are marked as "visible or public" in SchoolDude.
  • Sync your calendar feed to reflect the updated calendar. Tutorial HERE >>
  • Did you recently update schooldude? It takes about 10-15 to reflect the change in the website.
  • If you synced the calendar in the website and it still isn't working, contact Kellie Feramisco; ext 79093


How does the CMS and school app work together? 

  • Your website sends informaiton to your school's app in these key areas:
    • School News (homepage): this is also your homepage for your school's app! If you school news is blank on your website, that means it is also blank on your app!
    • School Events (homepage): The same calendar feed goes to the app.
    • Internal pages like Report an Absense, Staff Page and Bell Schedule.


What is an RTF and why do I have to have one? 

  • RTF stands for Rich Text Format.
  • Whenever you add a PDF to a downloads component, you HAVE to have an RTF so that someone who is vision impaired can use the RTF document with accessibility software.
  • The RTF downloads as a Word document so that it is accessibile for those with a disability.
    • If you are concerned with parents downloading the RTF and editing a document, please indicate on the document and webpage that the file present on your webpage is the most up to date version and all versions that differ from the current document on the website will not be accepted. 
  • This process and presence of double titles cannot be avoided at this time so that we are compliant with the American Disibility Act laws. 


The Webmaster at my school is changing. How do I give them access to edit the website?

  • Your principal must complete THIS form to begin the process.


When should I contact the DCT about a website issue? 

  • We are available anytime and happy to help you!
  • When you need a new page created.
    • Tell us where you want it to be located in the dropdown and what you'd like its title to be.
  • Help with columns or formatting. 


How do I add a photograph? 

  • There are 3 main ways to add a photo to your webpage:
    • 1) Embedded in a Text Window component via the grey dropdown
    • 2) Imported from your computer into the Text Window component via the image icon in the text box tool bar
    • 3) using a Photo Gallery component. Each method consists of varying options available for the photo and how It is displayed. See Tutorial: Uploading Photos or Photo Galleries >>


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