Graphic Arts FAQs

What time are you open?

We are open to walk in traffic from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.   If you arrive after 3:30 pm, the large drive thru delivery gates are closed to prevent after hours warehouse deliveries.  You may enter by parking in the IT parking lot on the west side of the building.  Access to our entrance is via a pedestrian gate from the IT parking lot area.  For the safety of our employees, NO AFTER HOURS OR SATURDAY PICK-UPS ARE ALLOWED. 

Who do I call if I have problems with my on-site Xerox device?

Check with your office manager or the secretary near the Xerox machine to see if she is aware of any other difficulties.
The Xerox Technician should be the first call, if it is determined that there is a problem. Their name and number should be listed on a label attached to the Xerox machine. Feel free to email Diane Negrete if you have any difficulty getting ahold of the Xerox technician or are experiencing frequent issues with your Xerox device.

Why should I choose the scan back option versus just printing on the copier at our site?

Sending your job via the network to our copiers saves your site/department more than 50% which can add up quickly. A copy job of 5 two sided originals, 40 copies, printed two sided, collated and stapled would cost your site/department $9.00. The same job printed via scan back would be $3.20.
It is also good for the environment. Our larger machines use toner more efficiently and can save time and energy not to mention the wear and tear on the smaller copiers at sites. Besides, who wants to spend time before school, during recess, lunch or after school waiting for copies to finish printing on a slower device? Or, worse yet, waiting in line for your turn to use the copier?

What are my paper color choices for scan back jobs?

White Paper Charges             .010 1-sided & .016 2-sided                COLOR Paper Charges          .020 1-sided & .030 2-sided
PINK                 BLUE               YELLOW                GREEN              GOLDENROD 

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