Graphic Arts FAQs


What time are you open?
We are open to walk in traffic from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.   If you arrive after 3:30 pm, the large drive thru delivery gates are closed to prevent after hours warehouse deliveries.  You may enter by parking in the IT parking lot on the west side of the building.  Access to our entrance is via a pedestrian gate from the IT parking lot area.  For the safety of our employees, NO AFTER HOURS OR SATURDAY PICK-UPS ARE ALLOWED. 

Who do I call if I have problems with my on-site Xerox device?
Check with your office manager or the secretary near the Xerox machine to see if she is aware of any other difficulties.

The Xerox Technician should be the first call, if it is determined that there is a problem. Their name and number should be listed on a label attached to the Xerox machine. An email should be sent to Diane Negrete so that the print shop is aware of the problem as well.

Why should I choose the scan back option versus just printing on the copier at our site?
Sending your job via the network to our copiers saves your site/department more than 50% which can add up quickly. A copy job of 5 two sided originals, 40 copies, printed two sided, collated and stapled would cost your site/department $9.00. The same job printed via scan back would be $3.20.

It is also good for the environment. Our larger machines use toner more efficiently and can save time and energy not to mention the wear and tear on the smaller copiers at sites. Besides, who wants to spend time before school, during recess, lunch or after school waiting for copies to finish printing on a slower device? Or, worse yet, waiting in line for our turn to use the copier?

What are my paper color choices for scan back jobs?

White Paper Charges             .010 1-sided & .016 2-sided

COLOR Paper Charges          .020 1-sided & .030 2-sided






I am so tired of folding letters/bills/forms/progress reports and inserting them into an envelope, can the print shop help me with this?
The Print Shop is pleased to offer envelope inserting services!

We can now, print your documents and then both fold and insert into an envelope making it ready for mailing.

Up to five separate items can be stuffed into one #10 envelope, including a #9 return envelope. PERFECT FOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTERS AND BILLING INVOICES

What about putting individual mailing labels on my envelopes?
We can also help you with that. If you send us an excel file/database with the Name, Address, City, State & Zip code information for your mailing, we can take your letter and merge this information so that it shows through a window envelope. Then, as long as you have included the proper mailing forms for postage and Pre-Sort, we simply put the tray of stuffed envelopes into the mailing room for pick up by Pre-Sort.

How do I order NCR forms?
NCR forms, or “no carbon required” duplicate forms are printed in full reams only. We keep 2 part NCR through 5 part NCR in stock. A ream of paper has 500 sheets. To determine how many forms you will get in a ream simply divide 500 by the number of duplicates you need of the forms.

2 part NCR = 250 full sheet forms per ream (500/2)

3 part NCR = 167 full sheet forms per ream (501/3)

4 part NCR = 125 full sheet forms per ream (500/4)

5 part NCR = 100 full sheet forms per ream (500/5)

On the order form simply write the number of reams you want and under paper stock list the number of NCR parts you require for the form.

What type of electronic file should I send to you for printing?
We prefer a pdf file. That way our print shop will be able to reproduce fonts and photos that we do not have on our computers. Always make sure you examine your pdf files to make sure they look exactly like your original document before you send them to the Print Shop.

How do I change my Word or Publisher file into a pdf?
With your file open, you should be able to go to the top ribbon, choose File and then Save as Adobe PDF or go to Save As and in the pop up window, under your file name, click on the drop down menu to see if pdf is a listed option. You may also have the ability to choose a pdf printer from your printer choices.

My file is too big to send to you via email, how do I get a copy to you?
Each school site and department has a Graphic Arts Share Folder. Ask your office manager to place that document in the share folder and notate on your work order the name of the file and that is has been placed in the share folder. You might also try compressing your file. Simply right click on the file or the folder, point to Send To, and then click Compressed (zipped) Folder.

A new compressed folder is created. To rename it, right-click the folder, click Rename, and then type the new name. Attach that compressed file/folder to the email.

I have a report that has some pages from Excel, some from Word, some hard copy pages and even some slides from a PowerPoint presentation. How can I combine all these files into one for printing?
You can combine files into a single pdf file by opening one file, saving it as a pdf file, then from the Adobe Acrobat file go to File, Create and choosing Combine files into a single pdf… A window will open up that will help you add files into the order you want them to be placed in your document. For hard copy pages that you need to add, go to your Xerox device and create a scan to email copy of your pages. You can also rearrange pages within a pdf file by clicking on the left side “Page Thumbnail” icon and then clicking on a thumbnail page or page group and moving them up or down in the document. Click on the Adobe Acrobat Tools button, go down to Edit Page Design, and choose Header & Footer to access a window that will help you format and insert page numbers for your new combined report. (NOTE: These options are NOT available in the free Acrobat Reader software. However, all district issued, employee computers should have the full Acrobat software installed allowing the user to make these and other adjustments to pdf files)

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