Xerox Copiers
The Teacher Center is equipped with one black and white copying machine. Our Xerox copier has the capability of duplicating, grouping, collating and stapling. The copiers will copy 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", and 11" x 17" originals. 
Cost:  8.5 x 11 copy (bond) – $0.04 per copy (each side);   11" X 17"copy (bond) - $.06 per copy (each side)

Xerox Color Copier  
The Xerox Color Copier has the capability of making 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 color copies.  Simple copying jobs (less than 100 copies) are encouraged; larger jobs are directed to the Print Shop.
Cost:  8.5 x 11 copy (bond) – $.35; 11 x 17 copy (bond) – $.70
8.5 x 11 copy (index) – $.43; 11 x 17 copy (index) – $.88
All prices are per side.
Banner/Poster Maker
The Banner/Poster Maker makes clear, colorful, and legible 31 x 8ft. banners and, also, makes 23 x 31 large posters and    16" x 23" small posters at an inexpensive price.  
Cost:  Large Color Poster - $5.00;  Small Color Poster -$2.50; Banner - $22.00

Ellison Letter Machines
The Patented Ellison Letter Machine is the original letter and shape cutting system. By using this machine, letters, numbers, and shapes can be cut uniformly, as well as quickly.
* There are four sizes of dies: extra-large, large, small, and tiny.  Most are 'large' die-cuts.
* Borders are also available.
* If pre-cutting the paper is desired, simply pre-cut the construction paper into 4.5 x 5 squares.
* Four thicknesses of paper may be cut at one time.
* Tip: Laminate paper before cutting to save time and energy!

Ellison Die Cuts
The Teacher Center has over 1000 shapes and letters in the collection, and is still adding more! The dies may be used to cut paper, pop-up sponge material, cardboard, fabric, foil, foam, wallpaper, contact paper, or felt. Dies are great for making math manipulatives, bulletin boards, bookmarks, posters, banners, games, or flash cards. 
We also have a new Silhouette machine that customizes the cutting of shapes.

The Teacher Center has four 27"-wide Laminex laminators, and one 40"-wide laminator. Lamination preserves and protects newspaper articles, posters, bulletin-board items, folders, booklets, banners, or other flat items. Please no glitter, sequence, or other 3-d types of materials.

All of our laminators have thick, 3ml lamination.

Helpful Hints: Certain items cannot be laminated, such as:  foam board, cardboard, glitter, and Popsicle sticks. When gluing, glue sticks are the better choice rather than Elmer’s or school glue.
Cost:  27 lamination – $0.33 cents per foot;  40 lamination – $1.25 per foot

Electronic Labeling System
The Labeling system is a machine used for making labels for folders, name tags, and books.
Cost: $0.96 per foot

Ibico Binding Machine
Create professional booklets with plastic spiral binding! Four Ibico Binding Machines are available that punch 19 holes in a sheet of paper to accommodate the plastic binding. Eight sheets of paper may be punched at a time. Color: black.

Cost:  * 3/8 spiral binding: $0.08
* 1/2 spiral binding: $0.12
* 3/4 spiral binding: $0.19
* 1 spiral binding:    $0.24

Badge-A-Minit II
Pin-backed buttons are created by using this simple machine. Color copies of photographs may be used to create attractive buttons. The best buttons are made with very thin paper, such as bond paper or gift wrap. Cost: $0.24 each

The SuperZoomer machine enlarges any 8.5 x 11 paper to 18 x 24.  Posters are produced with black ink on a rainbow of colored index paper.  The SuperZoomer is truly a teacher’s best friend!
Cost: Poster – $3.30

The SuperZoomer also features a wide format method available only on white bond paper.  No color ink available--only black and white enlargements.
Cost:  24" x 36" - $4.00;   36" x 48" - $5.00  

Two computers are connected to a laser printer.  When printing hard copies for the poster machine, our laptops must be used.
Cost: Copy – $0.04 each side

Butcher Paper
Butcher paper is available in a variety of colors.  The butcher paper is displayed on butcher paper racks. (Note::  Butcher paper is fireproof; it is not fadeless.) Cost: $0.18 per foot

Flameless, flame retardant, pre-cut rolls of 4' x 18' butcher paper are available. Colors available:  red, yellow, black, sapphire blue, electric blue.   Cost:  Each roll -$18.00 

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