By using the scan back system, you can save your site or department more than 50% off the cost copies printed at your site. It is also more energy efficient and it saves you from having to stand at the copier while your copies print or you wait for your workmates’ copies to complete printing. Here are a few things to remember about processing scan back jobs:

  1. Process your network scan job by 3:30 pm to receive next day delivery. Up to 20 originals, 125 copies. (NOTE: Jobs requesting more than 2500 impressions may be delivered second day based on print shop’s daily work load)

  2. Up to 999 copies can be requested. (Jobs requesting more than 999 copies will receive a Zero jobs completed message)

  3. Scan jobs can be requested on 6 different paper colors: white, pink, blue, yellow, green and goldenrod.

  4. To prevent lines or streaks on your copies, make sure the glass strip, located just to the left of the glass, is cleaned each day.  To  clean use a lint free cloth that has been spritzed lightly with a water & rubbing alcohol solution (or a computer monitor cleaning solution).

  5. Jobs sent through scan back cannot be deleted!! Print shop employees do not have the capability of seeing the job or making changes to the job before being printed.

  6. Original = each click or copy, 1 sided page equals 1 original, 2 sided page equals 2 originals.

  7. 8 1/2 X 11 Originals Only – No half sheets. Half sheets create a large solid black area on the blank portion of the page.  This heavy layer of toner creates a large gummy area that sticks to machine rollers and jams in the device which can cause the machine to go down until it can be cleaned or rollers replaced by a technician.

  8. NO books on the glass. The Xerox scanner automatically detects covered area on the glass and uses this to determine the size of paper needed to print the image. Any page larger than 8.5 X 11 will fault at the copier until it is deleted.

  9. NO Dark Black Borders around the page, black pages w/ white lettering or dark photographs.  This also causes jams and mechanical issues in our copy devices.

  10. DO NOT place originals in the feeder short edge first. These jobs fault at the Xerox device until the job is deleted.

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