Payroll Staff


1450 Herndon Ave. Clovis, CA 93611
(Corner of Herndon and Sunnyside)

Phone: 559.327.9074 


Rey Contreras
Payroll Assistant
  - Direct Deposit
  - W-4 
  - Verification of Employment

Haylie Starnes
Payroll Technician
  - Classified Campus Monitor Payroll
  - Classified Timesheets
  - Certificated Employee Absences
Dana Lockett
Payroll Specialist
  - Classified IA Payroll
  - Sub Teachers
Melissa Ramirez
Payroll Specialist
  - Certificated Payroll
  - Admin and Mgmt. Payroll 
  - Classified Business Support Payroll
[email protected]

Brenda Williams
Payroll Specialist
  - Certificated Payroll
[email protected]
Stacey King
Payroll Specialist
  - Classified Child Dev. Payroll
  - Classified Employee Absences
  - Garnishments

Chris Curtis
Business Analyst
 - CalSTRS
[email protected]

Marsha Reyes
Payroll Analyst
   - Classified Operations Payroll
[email protected] 
Jane Rangel
Payroll Analyst
  - CalPERS
[email protected]

Tracy Neufeld
Payroll Manager
[email protected]

Danny Cobb
Assistant Director, Budget & Finance
[email protected]

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